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Smile Time

House enters the conference room, and the Cottages are obviously not thrilled to see that he brought Wilson with him. Choosing their words carefully and eyeing Wilson, they say the angiogram and the tox screen came out negative. Wilson asks why they'd make a big deal out of negative results. So now they have no choice but to come forward with the real reason they wanted House there. Kumar hands House a bottle of pills he found in CTB's apartment. CTB's been hiding prescription diet pills, amphetamines, and anti-depressants in a bottle of vitamins. The diet pills, Taubs points out, can damage a heart. Wilson says there's no way CTB was taking enough of them to do that. He would have noticed if she was. House points out that Wilson didn't know she was taking them at all, and since she hid them in a bottle of vitamins, she obviously didn't want him to. Why would she take them now? She's skinny. Either she had a secret fat past or current self-esteem issues. Shame on House for thinking it was a good idea for Wilson to be there in the first place. Foreman wants to get CTB's heart beating again so they can do a definitive test that will prove diet pill damage, but Wilson says they're not going to do that because starting her heart could kill her if they aren't right about the diet pill damage. House defers to Wilson and tells them to test CTB's heart without getting it beating again by cracking her chest open and sticking a finger in the valve and feeling around for damage. Boy, does that sound like a terrible idea. I wouldn't even try to fix my plumbing that way, let alone someone's heart. Foreman points out this is not exactly a safer (nor, I have to imagine, accurate) way to do the test, but House says it's better than CTB's heart blowing out if they restart it and the diagnosis is wrong. "When did we start assuming we're wrong?" Foreman asks. He starts to point out that they're treating this case differently because of who the patient is, but House won't hear it, and he's the boss.

Everyone takes off except for Hadley, who House calls back for a chat. He correctly suspects that Hadley didn't have a whole lot to do with the apartment search and points out that she's offered nothing in the differentials and is now less useful than a blow-up doll. That's not true! They could tell Hadley to stand with her arms out and use her as a coat rack. Hadley is so thrown off by this case that she forgets who she's talking to as she tries to explain her mental anguish over knowing the patient to House, who would never, ever care about that kind of thing and will probably use it as ammo to make fun of her in the future. Never reveal your weaknesses in front of House, Hadley. You know better. Indeed, House says he doesn't care about her stupid problems and orders her to get over them and do her job. Hadley joins Chase and the Cottages in the OR, but just barely has time to scrub in before Chase notices that CTB's eyes are yellow, indicating liver damage. And since diet pills apparently don't affect the liver, they already know that's not the problem before they had to stick their fingers in CTB's heart. Hmm! I guess it's not such a bad thing to assume you're wrong when you actually are, eh, Foreman?

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