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Smile Time

Back in the conference room, which someone has decided to let Wilson sit in on, Foreman says that whatever CTB has, it's spreading throughout her system despite the cold. Hadley actually comes up with a diagnosis, so I guess House's little non-pep talk was effective. But House is too busy trying to take clues from his dream to pay attention to her. He wonders what the significance of CTB pouring sherry is, and says so out loud. For this, he gets a weird look from Taub and ignored. Taub clearly thinks House is crazy and has decided to treat him as such. Taub suggests warming CTB back up so they can run more tests, which Wilson, of course, rejects. In fact, Wilson wants to turn the temperature on CTB down to slow the spread of the disease even more. Because being frozen isn't deadly at all. It's totally healthy, and that's why humans freely roam Antarctica without any protective gear. It's like a spa down there! The Cottages shoot each other glances and let Taub do the dirty work. He says that he knows Wilson loves CTB and stuff, but freezing her isn't a cure -- it's avoiding reality. House's contribution to the conversation is more talk of sherry and why CTB would be drinking it in his dream if she doesn't in real life. Kumar comes through and says there's a bar in town called Sharrie's, and that triggers a memory of a Sharrie's coaster and Fred Durst. House tells the gang to fill CTB's lungs with slurry while he and Wilson go out for drinks. I'm not that familiar with slurry, but it sounds like something you don't normally want anywhere near your lungs.

House and Wilson arrive at Sharrie's, where they're greeted by Fred Durst, who throws House his keys and some attitude. House asks if he was with a blonde woman the other night, and Fred says she joined him around scotch number seven. When asked if she looked sick, Fred says she sneezed, but he can't remember the color of her snot when House asks. He also calls CTB House's "girlfriend," which makes House look very uncomfortable indeed. He immediately denies it, which only digs his grave deeper because Fred says for a non-girlfriend, House seemed "into her" and she bought his drinks. "Last night, she was your girlfriend," Fred says. It doesn't take much to qualify to be a girlfriend in Fred's mind. House flashes back to a shot of him with his arm around CTB, smiling. And she's smiling back. Incriminating! House brushes this aside and says CTB's snot may have had blood in it, and he's pleased that they have a new symptom of sneezing. Wilson just wants to know why Fred thought House and CTB were dating. This is not the time to be a jealous boyfriend, Wilson. You probably have a right to, but you don't really have time for it. Maybe when CTB is at a normal body temperature and her heart is beating and she isn't in a coma.

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