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Smile Time

Hadley prepares to slurry up CTB while Kumar scribbles on a clipboard. He's still paying more attention to the task at hand than Hadley though, as she almost connects the wrong tube to CTB's body. Okay, she needs to be taken off this case. Like, now. And then not seen again for the rest of the episode. I wonder which tube she was trying to connect to CTB's lungs, though. Kumar tells her to stop treating this case like it's different than any other case, and she asks him why he isn't as bothered by it as she is. He points out that his last name is Kutner, and that Hadley should automatically know that an Indian with a non-Indian last name has dead parents in his past. I would have just assumed that either Kutner was an Indian last name or that his dad wasn't Indian or maybe changed his last name somewhere along the line, if I took the time to think about it at all. I certainly wouldn't have jumped to the conclusion that his parents were dead. Apparently, Kumar was helping out in his parents' store (do not tell me Kumar's Indian parents ran a freaking convenience store. Shame on you, writers!) when a guy walked in to rob it and shot them both. I guess Li'l Orphan Kumar was adopted by a non-Indian family and he took their last name, which isn't really honoring his dead parents' memory, is it? But I guess he's over it now, having taken years to accept their death and that death isn't fair, but it happens. And with that, it's time to fill up CTB's lungs. We get to see it happen in special X-ray CGI vision. It still doesn't look like a good idea.

House enters the lab and already knows what results Foreman and Taub got from CTB: she has hepatitis B. He turns to leave to tell Wilson the great news, but Foreman tells him to get some sleep already. Foreman will tell Wilson instead. How about none of them tell Wilson since he isn't a family member and therefore has no right to CTB's confidential information? For that matter, where is CTB's family? We're going to get to meet them, right? I want them all to be played by Anne Dudek. She can wear a wig and a fake moustache to be Daddy CTB, and a bun and grey streaks to be Mommy CTB. That would be cool.

Instead of sleeping, House visits CTB. She opens her eyes and tells him that hepatitis B is a "lame diagnosis." House is just annoyed that he can't get a decent night's rest without an attack from his subconscious. CTB sits up and removes the probes on her head and the wrap around her abdomen. "Hep B doesn't fit," she says, showing something off to House on the small of her back that we don't get to see. A tramp stamp? I expected more from you, CTB.

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