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Smile Time

Now actually awake, House goes to CTB's room and tells Foreman and Taub to turn CTB over, remove the wrap around her stomach and check out her back. Sure enough, they find a rash under her bus crash bruises. Foreman asks House how he could possibly know that was there. House says he must be starting to remember. The three of them might want to make a deal not to tell Wilson that House "remembered" seeing the small of CTB's back.

After the break, House inspects the rash while the Cottages theorize as to what could have caused it. Taub isn't even looking at the rash and says he thinks it's an influenza rash, but Foreman dismisses that, saying the flu wouldn't be causing these problems. Hadley says it could be an allergic reaction to the interferon they were giving CTB for the hepatitis she apparently doesn't have now. House angrily says that must be some allergic reaction, since he noticed the rash when he was on the bus with CTB two days before the interferon was administered. Hadley stands up, folds her arms across her chest, and tries not to cry. Wilson just wants to know why House would have gotten such a good look at CTB's back the other night. Okay, why did they tell him? Someone needs to kick Jealous Judy out of the room. This isn't helping. Foreman suggests that the mark isn't a rash, but an abscess. House orders Hadley to stick a needle in it and see if pus comes out to check. Of course, Hadley wants to do an ultrasound instead. House has no time for this and orders Taub to do it because unlike some Cottages, he isn't afraid to touch the nearly dead woman. Hadley protests, which just gets her yelled at by House in front of everyone. She leaves to cry, and Taub gets no pus from the needle stick.

Foreman finally comes up with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Wilson mentioned a dinner with "a friend" last week that included walking the friend's dogs. It's possible that CTB got a diseased tick from one of the dogs. Now it's House's turn to be all jealous that CTB and Wilson have been seeing other friends behind his back. Not like those friends are that great; they made you walk their dogs! Lame. Foreman says they'll pump CTB full of antibiotics, wait eight hours for them to take effect, and warm her back up and hope she's cured. Wilson doesn't want to do any warming until they have a positive test result, but Foreman says that will take too long, and treatment is the better test in this case. And yet, Wilson refuses to let them restart CTB's heart until they're 100 percent sure of the diagnosis. Foreman points out that that's impossible. Wilson makes a variety of facial expressions, and House tells Foreman to follow Wilson's orders. "He's wrong. And you know he's wrong!" Foreman protests; "you can't change your mind just because a family member starts crying!" Maybe this is a conversation Foreman and House should have, like, outside the room. You know, away from Wilson? But they didn't, and House tells Foreman to run the cultures. Foreman glares at Wilson, who averts his eyes.

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