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Smile Time

Ha ha! Hadley actually is crying in the bathroom! At least she's locked herself away from the public so no one can see her shameful display of emotion, unlike Cameron who used to cry all over the scientific equipment. Because PPTH is a very small place, House has figured out where Hadley is and taken the adjoining stall. He kicks her foot with his. Someone put a "vote for change '08" bumper sticker on the stall wall. I can't figure out if it's a subliminal message to vote for Obama or if they're trying to equate Obama's campaign with toilets. Either way, I don't need to see the prop department's political views on display. Although a "legalize it!" bumper sticker would have been funny. Hadley admits that she is screwing up this case, and she doesn't know why; it's not like she liked CTB. House thinks it's about fear, and that seeing a young female doctor dying hits too close to home for Hadley. Hadley opens the stall door, only to find House standing right there. He moves fast for a guy with a bad leg and a broken skull. Here's an annoying line: "yeah, I am at risk for Huntington's. I dealt with it." House points out that avoiding the issue by refusing to get tested isn't exactly dealing with it. And yet, he's perfectly happy to let Wilson avoid the issue of CTB's possible death by turning her into a popsicle. Hadley points out that House is the "champion of not dealing with [his] problems," to which he says he's done holding her hand now, so either she goes back to work and actually does her job right, or she packs her bags. I have to say, House is being remarkably patient, caring, and concerned here. You know, for House. But Hadley doesn't appreciate that at all and tells him he's screwing this case up worse than she is. Yeah, well, until House tries to connect CTB's catheter to her lungs instead of the slurry tube, Hadley, I wouldn't talk. But her words cause House to bang his hand on the stall in frustration.

Music time! A guitar plays a familiar tune, although I can't place it -- until the singer comes in and I realize it's an acoustic guitar version of the House theme song, which is really cool. Cameron stops by the cafeteria to hang out with sad Wilson and semi-justify her existence on this show. House takes a nap in his office. Hadley takes a sample of her own blood for fact-facing test results. Foreman stands over CTB and checks his watch. Apparently, it's tattle o'clock, because Foreman's next stop is Cuddy's office, where he tells her that House is going to kill CTB.

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