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Broken Arc Syndrome
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The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire. As is everything else. Two firefighters emerge from the blaze, only to be yelled at by their boss for going into it without permission. The female firefighter, Amy, says they thought they heard someone in there, and the guy, Derek, says this is his fault -- Amy was just following him. The boss tells him to stop taking all these risks or he'll be killed, like he almost was last year. Amy, by the way, doesn't look like any firefighter I've ever seen. Unless she's one of those strippers who dresses up like a firefighter. Seriously, if my apartment was on fire and Amy showed up to save me, I'd be like, "nice try, girlfriend, but there is no way you can carry me out of here. I'm so screwed." Anyway, she goes off to seek medical attention while her partner is called to deal with a ladder. Suddenly, he starts having difficulty breathing and the music gets all weird, letting you know he's disoriented. Instead of doing something about that, though, he just puts his gear back on and staggers back towards the flaming building. No one really notices or cares until Amy starts yelling at him. She tackles him before he gets into the building and asks him what his problem is. "I'm freezing," he says. Oh, well then, I can't really fault his logic. Once when my heater didn't work, and it was really cold, I turned my iron on and huddled up next to its life-giving warmth. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

After the credits, Derek has been admitted to PPTH, where he has the misfortune of being examined by Cameron. We see that he's got some gnarly burns, which I guess is what his boss was referring to before. Derek insists that he's fine, but Cameron points out that his temperature has been going up and down all night, so, not so much. Amy and Derek's boss is also there, although the boss soon takes off so Amy can sit on Derek's bed and get some exposition going. She thanks him for covering for her last night, and Derek says that the boss is also his brother, so he's experienced in getting chewed out by him. Amy promises to visit when her shift is over and leaves. She may also want to stop by a shower at some point; her face still has soot all over it. I know she's worried about Derek and all, but you'd think she could at least wash her face off in a water fountain. Or maybe they're just trying to conceal her ridiculously un-fire-fighter-like supermodel looks. Derek asks Cameron where Dr. House is. "Speaking engagement," Cameron claims. I'm going to assume that speaking engagement is House's funeral, since the last time we left him, he was ingesting massive amount of oxycodone and ODing on his floor before mysteriously recovering a few hours later.

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