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Broken Arc Syndrome

Cameron tells Derek that they've tested Amy for everything under the sun, but haven't found anything that would cause the heart attacks -- except for Amy herself. Cameron asks Derek if he's in love with her. She's noticed the way Derek looks at Amy and, being highly attuned to the look of unrequited love, recognizes it. "She has a six-year-old daughter," Derek says. I assumed he was saying he was in love with the daughter, because I have a dirty mind. Cameron doesn't, so she just merrily says, "Women with daughters can still fall in love!" as if that hadn't occurred to Derek. Maybe he's just sensitive about children since his menopause means he'll no longer be able to have them. Or is that still even on the table? I'm so confused. Does he have menopause AND something that's giving him heart attacks and rage outbursts, or have we decided that he doesn't have menopause at all? Anyway, Derek breaks it down: Amy is engaged to his brother, who is also their boss. That's a complicated work relationship right there.

Cameron goes to House with the news and her diagnosis: "broken heart syndrome." I'll bet Cameron diagnoses every patient with that at first, but this time it's for reals. The estrogen and menopause (I guess he still has that, then) are making Derek like an old woman, who is usually the type struck by this broken heart syndrome thing. Chase is skeptical; broken heart syndrome is a stress-related cardio myopathy; not a heart attack. But if Derek hasn't been getting it treated, Cameron says, it could turn into heart attacks. House seems to think Cameron's diagnosis is correct, and asks what they can do to make Derek better. Foreman says they've put Derek on heart medications, but to no effect. Cameron wants to put Derek on anti-depressants, which seems stupid since it takes a few weeks for those to work, and I thought they were only useful if you have a chemical imbalance in your brain and won't really help if you're sad for an actual reason. Anyway, they can't do it, as House explains anti-depressants will effect Derek's nervous system and make the heart attacks more frequent. Chase suggests "buying" Derek a girlfriend, which Cameron craps all over by saying bought girlfriends might make Chase happy (or co-workers on meth), but Derek only wants Amy. Foreman says Derek is pretty much screwed, then. He can't live with Amy and he can't live without her. I guess he can write a couple great blues songs before he dies, though. Foreman jokingly suggests frying Derek's brain and erasing all memories of Amy. "We need Cuddy," House says. Why? To get permission to fry Derek's brain. No, seriously.

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