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Broken Arc Syndrome

It's arts and crafts time at rehab, and House is working on molding clay into a lower intestine with ulcerative colitis. It looks like a plain old lower intestine though, so I guess he hasn't added the ulcerative colitis yet. Can't wait to see the finished product, though! Shitter makes a surprise visit after Cuddy apparently insisted that he see House in rehab for himself. He says he wasn't expecting House to go this far and applauds him for making an effort, before getting all smirky and asking if House expects him to go talk to the DA now. Because if so, House is going to be very disappointed. And he is. He asks Shitter what he's supposed to do if his words mean nothing and his actions mean nothing. Shitter just shrugs in the most infuriating way ever and leaves. House calls out after him: "you son of a bitch!" and everyone in rehab turns and gets ready for awesomeness. "What about your words, your actions?" House asks. Shitter said he was doing all this so House would clean up his act, and then when he finally does (I guess being in rehab for three days is supposed to be enough), it's still not enough because all Shitter really wanted to do in the first place is"bitch-slap" a guy who wouldn't kiss his cop ass. Shitter says he's learned not to trust addicts due to some tragic backstory of his we'll never explore so who cares. Even addicts' actions lie, Shitter says.

The Cottages get ready to do some brain frying. Derek says he's scared, but he's still going to go along with this because he's insane. A nurse who isn't Evil Nurse Brenda administers a muscle relaxant, and I'm still waiting for someone to come in the room and stop this. But no one does. We go to commercial while Foreman zaps Derek's memories away. Unfortunately for Derek, we're only at the forty-minute mark, so I'm thinking this isn't going to be the miracle cure he was hoping for.

When we return, Derek's memories have been wiped, and Foreman reports that his heart sounds good. Well, great. Let's just hope he never falls in unrequited love again since he still doesn't know how to deal with it and will apparently start dying again. This is ridiculous. Cameron sends Derek's brother and Amy into the room and everyone waits to see if he has a heart attack. He doesn't, but Derek's brother seems pretty upset that his own brother doesn't recognize him, although he tries to act positive and hopeful. Amy introduces herself as Derek's "friend." "I'm sorry," Derek rasps, "I don't remember either of you."

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