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Broken Arc Syndrome

The bailiff escorts House out, but not before Shitter asks to speak with him. And it all comes down to this; the arc, the storyline, the last seven episodes, our investment in all of it: "Good luck. I hope I'm wrong about you," Shitter says. He gives House one last smirk to try to save face, and then he's out of our lives. House doesn't really know what to say about that. Neither do I.

Cameron tells Derek that the meningioma is gone and Derek will be fine from here on out. Well, except for the fact that he has no memories from before. He asks Cameron what he's supposed to do now, and she just says he has people who love him and will take care of him. "You start over," she says, looking all full of hope and optimism. Don't feel too bad, Derek; at least Cameron didn't kill you like she did that other guy.

Cuddy and Wilson stop by jail to see House. He immediately asks Cuddy for a conjugal visit, but she's pissed. "You made me PERJURE MYSELF!" Cuddy basically shouts in the middle of jail which, if I'm not mistaken, is probably populated by prison guards and other police officials; "FABRICATE EVIDENCE!" I hope you're all looking forward to the next seven-episode-arc where Cuddy faces off against Judge Helen, who's hell-bent on punishing Cuddy for lying in court! "You make everyone around you worse for being there," Cuddy says, adding that House has a lot of making up to do. He'll be doing Cuddy's bidding from now on, including clinic hours (yay!), student lectures (yay!), and finding donors (money donors or sperm donors? Because it's boo! if it's sperm donors). With that, she leaves. Wilson gives House his meds from rehab, and House wants to know if he got them from the pharmacy or Voldemort. Wilson doesn't see that difference until he notices the tell-tale way House downs the pills. "That's Vicodin!" he gasps. Yes, House was paying Voldemort to slip him Vicodin, presumably after Shitter made it clear that rehab wouldn't get House off of those charges. I hope House paid Voldemort a lot, because I have to believe that Wilson is going to make damn sure Voldemort is fired for this. And how did Voldemort get that Vicodin, anyway? He's no doctor. But who cares? I'm just happy to see that House is back and wasn't buying into that rehab stuff after all. Wilson asks House if his apology was sincere. "Believe what you want," House says with a smile. I choose to believe that House hasn't changed -- much. Maybe a little. Enough for this all not to be a waste and for the apology to be sincere, but not too much for the show to change. I can be satisfied with that. "Good night, House," Wilson says. "Good night, Wilson," House answers. Derek would say good night too, but he doesn't remember anyone's name.

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