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Broken Arc Syndrome

"Not guilty," House says. That's right -- his speaking engagement is court. He answers not guilty to all his counts while Tritter shakes his head disgustedly, and the judge says she'll see everyone at a later date for the preliminary hearing, at which time she will decide if there's enough evidence against House to proceed to trial. I just wanted to say that this could have been the perfect spot for someone else from Night Court to make a cameo appearance like Mac and Dan did. I'm sure Marsha Warfield could fit it into her busy schedule. We do get Dwayne Wayne back, though, so I guess that's enough '80s sitcom stars. Anyway, House isn't listening to the judge because he's too busy looking back at Shitter, who has nothing better to do than hang out in a courtroom. Cuddy is also in attendance, and not looking too pleased about this turn of events. After the judge dismisses them, House heads right for Shitter, but Dwayne Wayne stops him, expositing that the state has a mountain of evidence against House, including his signature on the prescription logs, a sworn statement from pharmacist Marco (traitor!), and security camera tapes showing House picking up the prescription. Security tapes, eh? They didn't seem to make much difference when that guy wandered into PPTH and shot a doctor twice. Dwayne Wayne tells House not to add to his charges by "intimidating" one of the witnesses against him. Dwayne Wayne doesn't seem to have any hope that House won't get convicted of this, so I don't know why he took the case in the first place. By the way, House is wearing a suit today and it looks good.

Back at the office, House is still wearing a suit and Cameron is going over Derek's case. Chase and Foreman are more interested in being lawyers than doctors today, asking House why his lawyer didn't try to contest the seizure of the pharmacy's records or something. I'm guessing it's because Dwayne Wayne hates House and doesn't want to work that hard, but Cameron snaps that House wasn't a doctor or a patient in this case, so doctor-patient confidentiality won't apply here. And it looks like Cameron's in bitch mode this week. Can't someone give her a prescription to stop her insane mood swings? She tells House that Derek's temperature has fluctuated between ninety-six and one hundred and two for the last twelve hours, and he's had at least three disorientation spells in the last two weeks. House chalks the spells up to being in a burning building and the temperature up to Derek drinking hot or cold beverages before having his temperature taken and tries to call it a day, but Cameron's having none of that. She shoves the file into House's hands with a "do your job." I don't get you, Cameron. Last week you were all pissed off at Wilson on House's behalf and bandaging his arm, and now you look like you want to set him on fire and laugh at his pain.

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