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Broken Arc Syndrome

House turns back to Chase and Foreman, who are watching their boss and co-worker with great interest, although Chase quickly looks away when House turns around. Real slick, there, Chase. House says something about Derek having an arrhythmia on his EKG, but no one pays any attention to that. Instead, Chase says that Derek could have acquired a hospital infection like MRSA while he was in a burn unit for six months last year. House is more than happy to use this as a way out of the conversation and orders the kids to put Derek on a bunch of antibiotics without even knowing if Derek needs them in the first place. Guess how antibiotic-resistant strains of diseases, such as MRSA, evolve? That's right --by hospitals handing out antibiotics unnecessarily.

House goes to see Cuddy, informing her that he hasn't made a decision on what cool prison tattoos he'll be getting. That means it's not too late to submit my idea, which is, of course, a giant ship on his back. If you're going to get a tattoo, you might as well go for it. Or he could have a map of the prison cleverly hidden in a full-body tattoo, although I think that's kinda played-out by now. Cuddy is in no mood for House's quips today and tells him to go talk to Shitter, who's the only person who can get these charges dropped. Not at this point, I don't think he can. They've spent too much time and man hours and gotten the court system involved just to stop because House says he's sorry to Shitter. House starts to mention some other things Shitter can do, but is interrupted by Cuddy, who slams a file onto her desk to express the depth of her frustration. It wasn't that thick of a file though, so I don't think she's all that angry. She reminds him that everything that's happened to House has been his own doing, and she's so pissed that she's throwing her whole body into yelling at him. House weakly tries to protest that he accepted Shitter's deal, to which Cuddy screams "not until after you stole a dead guy's pills!" Hmm ... better hope Shitter hasn't bugged all of PPTH or those security cameras don't have sound on them. Cuddy tells House that people aren't giving him opportunities to stay out of jail anymore, so he'll have to make one himself. And you know she really means it because she gives House a prescription for Vicodin and everything. This leaves House's evening free to speak to Shitter, as he was previously planning on going out grave-robbing, hoping to find some more drugs.

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