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Broken Arc Syndrome

Back at the office, House studies his Vicodin in a cool shot from underneath the glass table that we've been seeing in all the promos for the last three weeks, while Cameron persists in talking about their case. Derek's little violent outburst wasn't caused by an allergic reaction to the medication or a pulmonary embolism, and Cameron's got herself some cool red marks on her neck. By the way, since they ruled out medical reasons for Derek's violent outburst, can we just assume that he strangled Cameron because he doesn't like her? I will. House isn't paying attention to Cameron, so she gets all huffy and says "I'm fine, by the way. Thanks for asking." Um, Cameron? When has House ever cared about your well-being? Seriously, he barely acknowledged the bruise on Chase's face, and he's the one who put it there. Foreman wants to do a CT and an LP on Derek for neurological causes, because that's what Foreman does. House tells him to go ahead; he's got other things to do. The Cottages follow him into the hall to find out what they are. He says he's going upstairs. "To do what?" Foreman asks, baffled. Apparently, upstairs is even more useless than the second and first floors of PPTH. "Rehab," House says right as the elevator doors close. Well, this could be fun.

After the commercial, we find ourselves in the "McDaniel Drug Rehabilitation Wing." Despite the fact that it's rehab, it's just as glassy as the rest of PPTH, with big transparent windows so passers-by can stare at the loser druggies. Probably summoned by a frantic Cameron, Cuddy and Wilson chat with House. They are understandably confused by this turn of events. It's also the next day, since House is in detox mode and says he "soiled a perfectly good pair of underwear last night." Yet he's wearing the same clothes he was admitted in. I hope he brought an extra pair of underpants, or else he's goin' Commando right now. "So, this is for real?" Cuddy asks; "it's not just a show for Tritter?" Way to be as naïve as Cameron with her annoyance at House for not asking about her sore neck, Cuddy. "Absolutely it's a show for Tritter," House says; "and the judge." But he has to actually go through it, too. Duh, Cuddy. A big rehab orderly announces the end of visiting hours. Wilson hands House a bag of fresh underwear that the orderly grabs to search. Wilson and Cuddy both make "that guy is an asshole" expressions. "When I lead the big patient rebellion, Voldemort here is the first to go," House Randal Patrick McMurphys. Right as the scene fades out, we see Cuddy put a sympathetic hand on House's back. Actually, that could be Wilson's hand. Either way, it was sweet.

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