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Broken Arc Syndrome

Amy gives up her clothing to Cameron for testing. She asks how she can be causing Derek's heart attacks. "You may be carrying an agent that triggered them," Cameron explains. Well, that's reassuring. Shouldn't we be sticking Amy in an isolation chamber before she triggers heart attacks in other people? Cameron continues that it could be mold spores or a poisonous plant residue. Yeah, maybe she got some Heart Attack Ivy on her pant leg. Okay. Anyway, Amy isn't allowed near Derek until they find out what it is. Amy feels bad about almost killing her partner. "You can't blame yourself for this," Cameron says. Sure she can! You just said that Amy is causing Derek to have heart attacks! When she's in the room, Derek almost dies! It's totally her fault. Amy decides to take a walk down memory lane and tells Cameron the pleasant details of how Derek got those skin grafts. Basically, Amy and Derek were in the middle of an office fire when the ceiling collapsed, cutting Amy off from everyone else. Derek ran off looking for a way to get to Amy instead of waiting for the team to clear the debris and got himself caught in a backdraft. "He almost died because of me once. And now it's happening again," Amy sobs. No, he almost died because he's not very good at firefighting, Amy. Instead of following instructions and waiting with the team, he impulsively ran off and got stuck somewhere dangerous. Cameron seems strangely unmoved by this. Maybe she's just jealous that Amy has co-workers who sacrifice things for her while Cameron's co-workers just steal her articles.

Wilson stops by rehab to visit House. He's shown into the lobby area by Voldemort, who seems to work as many hours as Shitter. House is sitting by an open window smoking a cigarette as close to a sign saying "no smoking" as he can get. "You're not my mom. You don't have to keep checking up on me," House says by way of greeting. Wilson kind of is House's mom, though. Or at least, he'd like to be. House says he's been learning a lot in rehab, like how he's completely powerless. Wilson tells House to be open-minded. House calls rehab "idealized despair." I see he's been spending his free time thinking of ways to convince himself that he's cooler than this. Wilson shoots him right down, saying "we all get it. We know how much pain you have. You're here to deal with that and get on with your life." This from the man who left House to OD on his living room floor. House asks Wilson if he should do this by sleeping with a dying patient and moving into a hotel room (ooooh!). Wilson rolls his eyes and accuses House of being a coward: "you find fault in everybody because you're afraid to look at yourself." This is true, but quickly overshadowed by House's awesome response: "thanks. I was running short on platitudes." He sends Wilson away by blowing smoke in his face so Wilson can run off and test himself for second-hand smoke lung cancer.

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