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The Illusionist

House guesses Parkinson's took Twenty-Nine away, but Thirteen says it was what I guessed from the very start of the episode because I saw that episode of Everwood: Huntington's Disease, a fatal, degenerative disease that is so bad that even House looks sad and whispers a genuine "I'm sorry." Too bad he's not as sorry as he was curious. Thirteen says that she's resigning once this case is over, since she appears to have the disease, too. Not quite, House says: he's been replacing her regular decaf with caffeinated coffee to give her tremors even since she dropped that file, in an attempt to mindfuck her into telling him what's wrong with her. His plan worked perfectly, except for the fact that, in exchange for information, he's even more evil than before because he made Thirteen walk around thinking she had Huntington's. In reality, she doesn't even know if she has it, since she chose not to get tested. She has a 50% chance of inheriting Huntington's from her mother, but she says she'd rather not know since it makes her take chances she wouldn't normally take, like flying lessons and climbing Kilimanjaro. Why can't she do that stuff with a diagnosis? In fact, it's only with a positive test that I'd go sky-diving and bungee-jumping and all the other stuff I'm saving for my eighties when I won't feel stupid if I die from them. Anyway, the sharing time ends when Thirteen notices that House is sweating and has a fever. It looks like Tainted Blood. Don't touch me please, I cannot stand the way you teeeease!

After the break, House does indeed look sick as he hunches over a cup of tea, his hair sweaty and matted-down and his shirt buttoned up to the top, for some reason. The Numbers are trying to figure out what's wrong with him, but he says that it's just a normal reaction from the transfusion and won't let them biopsy him. The Numbers are more than a little frustrated; House told them to give him the blood so that if he got sick, they'd be able to figure out what it was and if he didn't, they'd know it was amyloidosis. Now he is sick, but won't let them touch him. House gets to his feet and notes that he's dizzy, and his mouth is dry. But it's not a symptom of tainted blood, he says: it's narcotics. He looks down at his cup of tea and wonders who spiked it before passing out rather violently, slamming into his desk on the way down.

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