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Meanwhile, CTB just wants to know what the challenge House mentioned earlier is all about. House tells them the stakes first: the winner gets to nominate two Numbers, one of whom House will fire. All of the Numbers consider these high stakes except Kumar, who's still insisting that the magician's heart stopped because of some underlying problem and not because the guy messed up his trick and panicked himself into a heart attack, which is what House thinks. And, quite frankly, I have to side with Kumar here, even though he seems like a dope. I don't think it's all that common for a young man to panic himself into a heart attack. House sends Kumar off to do whatever tests he wants, warning him that if there is nothing wrong with the magician, Kumar will be fired. Kumar leaves, and House tells the rest of the group about the challenge: he wants to know which of his doctors has the skills to break the rules without getting caught. To do this, they must bring him Cuddy's thong. At this, Foreman briefly puts down the newspaper he was reading to feign interest. House assures the Numbers that he's not kidding, and sends them on their way. Off they go, pausing only to check in with Foreman, who owes them nothing after the way they've treated him and his authority since he arrived there. He gives them nothing in return, simply saying "that's how I got hired." Hey, remember that song by Sisqó, "The Thong Song?" It was so popular and now it's like it never existed. What's up with that?

The four Numbers make their way to the Clinic. Of course, Thirteen is the first to express resistance in participating in the challenge because she's no fun at all. CTB hilariously says that she'll respect Thirteen for standing on principle, dripping with so much sincerity that you know she doesn't mean any of it. Cole and PS say that they should all agree not to participate and call it a day. CTB agrees, but no one believes her. Sure enough, she says she's totally planning on getting that thong. I don't know why Thirteen, Cole, and PS even bothered to try.

Kumar tells the magician, Flynn, that his tests have come back fine so far. Flynn notes the disappointment in Kumar's voice (way to put the patient first, there, Doctor Dope), and Thirteen appears in the room to inform the magician that Kumar will get fired if Flynn is healthy. Flynn says that he can puke if it'll help Kumar, but then he just fake-barfs up a bunch of stupid playing cards. Oh no, he's one of those obnoxious magicians. Although I guess there really isn't any other kind. No one is impressed by this (although Kumar might have been, just a little), but Flynn doesn't get the hint and keeps going, asking Thirteen to pick one of his freshly-barfed cards, coated in possibly contagious spittle. Didn't they take his personal effects away from him when he was admitted? They should have. Thirteen eventually picks a card to get Flynn to shut up, wondering why he doesn't seem all that worried about his health. The magician shrugs that either he'll die or he won't. Worrying about it won't accomplish anything. Except didn't House think he had a heart attack after messing up a trick panicking (a.k.a. worrying?). Flynn doesn't, saying there's no way he would mess up a trick. He "proves" this by showing off for Kumar and Thirteen, first setting Kumar's wallet on fire (although that could just be from some leftover embers from Kumar's last defibrillation session) and then making the card Thirteen picked appear inside it. The doctors are in awe, but if I were Kumar, I'd be a little pissed that someone poured flash powder all over my wallet full of dollah dollah bills.

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