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The Illusionist

In a dry part of PPTH, Kumar sends Flynn into the MRI of DOOOM! He's barely inside the tube before he starts screaming in pain. Kumar and Thirteen run to check on him. I was expecting Flynn to pull out some doves or something, but his medical emergency seems to be genuine, as we see a big bruise on his left side that indicates internal bleeding.

Thirteen and Kumar report to House that Flynn is on the operating table. They've given him three units of blood (AB positive, Thirteen suspiciously details) but still can't find the source of his bleeding. Kumar tries not to smile too much at how right he was, since it's probably not tactful to rejoice over someone's almost-dead body. He says that they don't know what's wrong with Flynn, but that they do know one thing: that there's something wrong with him and therefore Kumar isn't fired. Thirteen guesses an "intestinal infarct." Yes, I have to imagine that an intestinal infarct would be very painful indeed. Unlike intestinal outfarcts, which, let's face it, can be satisfying despite their high potential for embarrassment. With this, Thirteen drops a file on the ground and yells at Kumar when he tries to help her pick it up. I would think she was just being a bitch, but House seems to see something more, and pays more attention to that than he ever did to his patient who is currently bleeding all over the operating table.

Oh, and then CTB and PS enter with a black thong that they claim came from Cuddy. PS says that there's "only one way" he could've gotten the thong, but House immediately figures out a second way: he just teamed up with CTB and she gave him hers. Yeah, or they just drove to the nearest Victoria's Secret and bought a fresh new pair, which I'd much rather do than give up what I was currently wearing. Come on, CTB. Why are you wearing a thong to work anyway? You've got long hours. Thongs aren't comfortable on long shifts. Plus, you're wearing a white lab coat that obscures any panty lines, which are the only reason anyone should wear a thong. House bases his assumption on the fact that Cuddy is wearing a red bra today, so it must be accompanied by a matching red thong. CTB, on the other hand, is wearing a black bra that must match the black thong on the table. "Do your research, people!" Foreman supplies. That guy just doesn't give a shit anymore. He'll go along with whatever insane thing House is doing this week as long as it's not against him. Better yet, if he times his bathroom trip just right, he doesn't have to do anything at all. House busts CTB and PS, and she grabs her underwear off the table and says that she was only cheating because she was trying so hard. Meanwhile, everyone just saw her underwear. How can she ever be taken seriously at the workplace ever again?

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