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The Illusionist

House and Cole take the elevator. House stares at Cole before asking him how he got Cuddy's thong. House could not be more jealous. "Prayer, mostly," Cole says with a smile. He doesn't want to ruin the magic, he claims, and then the rest of the Numbers approach before House can get anything else out of him. Kumar joyously reveals that Flynn passed out and that they had to drain blood around his heart. Okay, Kumar? We've already ascertained that the guy is sick and you're not fired. You can stop being so happy that he's on death's door now. CTB says that the antibiotics aren't working, which rules out tularemia and any other infection. PS says that Cole might have botched the biopsy and caused the bleeding, but House warns him not to piss off the guy who'll be nominating two of them for elimination.

The group heads into House's office, where he tells them in disgusting detail that Cole "has traveled through the forest of crustaceans and brought us a treasure." Poor Cuddy. Isn't it bad enough that the entire hospital probably knows she isn't wearing underwear today? Must her embarrassing bout with pubic lice also be exposed? Cole asks whether he can take the immunity reward without having to nominate two people for firing, but House says that he can't get out of that. Then the Numbers get down to business, with CTB and Thirteen saying that Flynn could have gotten a clotting issue after his surgery. House asks what could cause that, and PS guesses cancer. Thirteen does not want Wilson to appear in this episode because it's all about her, so she immediately dismisses this possibility. Also, her hands are shaking a lot. DUN DUN DUNNNN! House sends them off to look for cancer in other parts of Flynn's body via another MRI of DOOOM! Twice in one episode? What a treat!

Cole tells Flynn to let them know if he's got anymore metal inside him before they start the test. Instead, Flynn says that his hands feel numb, and that he's sure he'll be dead by this time tomorrow. With that, Cole presses the button and slides Flynn in for another session with the MRI of DOOOM!, apparently to hasten the dying process. While the machine digests Flynn, Cole and CTB hang out in the booth. CTB takes advantage of this time to suck up to Cole and beg him not to nominate her by using reverse psychology. She says that if he nominates her, she'll understand, because she's a manipulative bitch who plays the game. Cole says that he likes her and tries to do his job. CTB keeps saying that she's a good doctor -- probably the best one there -- which should be the only criteria that matters when Cole makes his decision. Because it's the only criteria CTB's got. Except for the fact that she gave the entire Clinic pneumonia from that shower. With that, Cole finds bleeds all over Flynn's body. CTB notes that, so far, Flynn's death prediction is accurate.

Back from commercial, everyone's back in the classroom including Foreman, although that's probably only because Omar Epps stopped by the set to collect a paycheck and buy some discounted DVDs from the Fox employee store, only to have his unnecessary ass thrown into another scene. You'll note that Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer were too clever to get caught and used as time filler this week. Good for them! Cole is freaked out by Flynn's death prediction. CTB attempts to suck up, saying that Flynn's death woes could be a symptom. House, on the other hand, says that Flynn was just being a typical charlatan magician: if he's wrong, he lives, and everyone forgets about his wrong prediction. If he's right, he dies, but goes out a legend. He can't lose! Except for the dying part. Kumar sticks with Cole's idea, saying that a sense of impending doom could be a symptom of tainted blood (cue Soft Cell) from his surgery transfusions. Foreman thinks that they're looking at amyloidosis, which has just joined vasculitis, lupus, and paraneoplastic syndrome in the PPTH Pantheon of Diseases It Is Not. And then everyone's pagers go off because Flynn is seizing. Kumar is sent to help him while the rest are ordered off to look through medical records for any indications of amyloidosis.

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