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Forget She Not
in the middle of the night worried he got a diagnosis wrong and staying up for hours. "These things work out," he says. In an episode where many characters act like robots, Foreman is actually being a human. Weird.

Chase tells Nadia that she won't die after all -- they found a kidney donor. Her sister. That's, like, plus 10 points at least on Nadia's mental tally, right? Then again, George Lopez's wife gave him a kidney and they still got divorced.

Nadia gets a new kidney. Chase is trying to get her to wake up in the recovery room when she starts having seizures. Great, now she's going to blame Elena for that, too. Minus 15 points.

As Martha, Chase, and House head back to the meeting room, Chase says they're back to the beginning with no working theories as to what's wrong with Nadia. House asks if Nadia thanked her sister yet. Um, when? She was awake from surgery for all of one second before she went into a seizure. House wants to see if Nadia thanks her sister at all to prove if she was telling the truth about her memory being objective. This doesn't seem to have anything to do with Nadia's mystery disease, though, and more to do with House still testing Nadia's perfect memory. Chase comes up with a new diagnosis that won't be correct and House sends him and Martha off to treat Nadia for it and try to get her to thank her sister.

Foreman has finished grading Taub's practice test, and it's not looking good: 54%. Taub freaks out. Foreman tries to reassure him, saying the practice test is deliberately more difficult than the actual one will be. Taub says he's choking in Foreman's living room now, so there's no hope that he won't during the real exam. He starts dialing the number to a guy he knows who can sell him a copy of the test. Foreman refuses to let Taub call him, saying Taub needs to prove to himself that he can take and ace this exam to get his confidence back. Taub says he can't handle failing another thing in his life right now. Foreman kindly says he knows for a fact that Taub is a good doctor, and fast, decisive, and bold. He doesn't need to steal a test. He just needs to realize that he already knows everything that will be on it. Taub seems inspired by Foreman's words, so Foreman continues that they are going to take practice tests all night long until Taub knows he can kick the real exam's ass. "You can do this! You feel me?" Foreman says. "Yeah!" Taub says.

And then I don't know what went wrong after that, but the next thing we know, Taub is buying a copy of the test while Foreman stands guard on the corner. The men head for Foreman's car, and Foreman says Taub can prove all that stuff to himself some other time.

Nadia's not feeling much better, but when Chase mentions Elena and how she may have put herself in the good category with that life-saving kidney donation, she asks to see her.

Oh, remember when House invited Wilson out? Well, they're out. House looks around the room for a woman Wilson can chat up. He rules several out for various superficial reasons and encourages Wilson to try judging women based solely on their appearances with him. "Too armpit-fatty," Wilson says of one woman, who is no doubt thrilled to have just appeared on House as "Fat Armpit Woman." Fat Pits walks past another woman that House decides is very attractive. It turns out that Wilson knows who she is -- she's a new barista at his coffee shop. She's currently a student getting her masters in finance but doesn't have the brains not to put whipped cream on everything Wilson orders from her, no matter how many times he asks her not to. House says that's a clear sign that she's interested in him. Wilson decides to try his luck. As House watches, Wilson says hello to the woman, who smiles at him and responds. And then, just a few seconds later, they're leaving together. Wilson tells House that he was right, and the barista just told him his coffee isn't the only thing she wants to put whipped cream on. House is so happy to have broken Wilson out of his slump that he orders a round of champagne for everyone. Everyone cheers. House turns and leaves the bar without, it seems, leaving his credit card to pay for that round of champagne.

Chase wheels Nadia into Elena's room and waits in the corner while she thanks her sister for saving her life. Elena says she loves Nadia, and Nadia is able to conjure up a few good memories of their life together, like family trips to a lake, canoeing together and stealing popsicles. Elena says they could always take another trip up there, rent a cabin, and spend some time together. But no, they can't, because Nadia can't seem to stop remembering that one freaking time her sister hit her with a car. She cuts her poor sister off and cries that she "can't do this." Chase decides it's best to take her back to her room, leaving Elena looking very sad and hurt. But since Nadia is the only person capable of remembering things, I guess that's okay and Elena will forget all about that.

In the hall, Nadia asks Chase to give her a minute. He chooses instead to say he understands why she felt the need to "lock herself away" from friends and family all those years. She can't forgive anyone for anything. Instead of giving equal weight to both good and bad memories, she can only focus on the bad ones. Nadia claims she doesn't have a choice. Nor does she have a choice whether or not her left hand moves from side-to-side. She's developed a new symptom: chorea.

Post-shower Cuddy drips water all over House to punish him for bouncing a rubber ball against her bedroom wall. I guess we just haven't seen enough of Cuddy's body this season, so here's another shot of her all wet wearing just a towel. House asks about an OR nurse Wilson was once interested in, and Cuddy asks why he cares; she thought his Wilson thing ended once he hooked Wilson up with that barista. House says he's just trying to line up a "second string" in case things don't work out. Cuddy thinks there's more to this than House simply trying to help his friend out, and she's right: House doesn't think it's right that he's in a happy relationship and Wilson isn't. "You still don't think you deserve this," she says. "Have you met me?" House asks. Good point. With that lesson, House gets a call from the Cottages reporting that Nadia has chorea and thus, they have no idea what's wrong with her again. Chase adds that Nadia actually did try to reconcile with her sister, but couldn't. House says they must be missing something. Foreman doubts it, commenting that there wasn't much in Nadia's apartment other than tons of jigsaw puzzles. Of course, that gets House's attention. He says he's on his way back to work.

House pops his head in Nadia's room. "Remember me? Just kidding," he says. He asks Nadia about her interest in jigsaw puzzles. Nadia says they calm her down. Chase puts a folder on Nadia's table, moving her cup of water a few inches over. Nadia immediately moves the cup back to its original position while saying that it would "drive [her] crazy" to leave a puzzle unfinished. House rotates her cup so that the seam is off-center. Nadia immediately moves it back. House tries to move it again, and Nadia finally asks him what his deal is. He says the person with the problem is actually her, as her simple "habit" is actually a sign of OCD. Nadia denies this, and I have a hard time believing she could have OCD and not know it, but Chase says her jigsaw puzzles and "memory hoarding" are signs. House says she doesn't have a super-human memory after all. Her brain just obsesses over every detail of her life so much that it's all committed to her memory. Which is ridiculous, but okay. This all relates to what's really wrong with Nadia because OCD, along with her other physical issues, are symptoms of McLeod's Syndrome. Unfortunately for Nadia, McLeod's Syndrome has no cure, although her symptoms can be "managed" and "best case scenario," she'll live another 20 years. In crippling debt, no doubt, as I have a feeling her waitressing job doesn't give her health insurance. House decides to make Nadia feel better by reminding her that everyone dies alone.

Foreman returns home to find a post-test Taub packing to return to his hotel. Taub is pretty sure he passed the exam since he had all the answers. Foreman notices a giant flat-screen TV in his living room, a gift from Taub, who says the ex Mrs. Taub didn't want it and it was too big for Taub's hotel room. So he figured Foreman could use it to replace his other "embarrassing" TV. Foreman allows himself to express gratitude for this. Then, as Taub is about to leave, offers to let him stay in Marcus's old room until he can find a new place. Wow, that is quite the odd couple right there.

Nadia is final

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