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Murder House And The Almost-Spouse

Ted's apartment: Tony knocks on the door with another grand idea to further Ted's career. A friend of his from "private school" needs an architect to design his house. Ted's not at all interested until he sees the magic numbers scrawled on the note Tony hands him.

Meanwhile, Barney's doing at least 110 m.p.h. down the highway. When a diligent cop pulls him over, Barney tries to bribe him with a gift certificate for a custom-tailored Italian suit. We flash forward to...

MacLaren's: Barney announces the latest ticket (out of which he could not talk himself). Three hundred and seventy-five dollars. "And? He kept the gift certificate." While Marshall laughs at him, Robin tells Barney that he's "bad at this, dude." Barney doubts Robin has ever talked her way out of a ticket, and we flash back to...

Robin crying on the side of the highway: The cop who has stopped her calls her honey and tells her it's okay. "No ticket for you. Just go a little slower next time." When he walks off, Robin looks in her rearview mirror as she wipes away her tears and says, "Thank you." We sideways slide to...

MacLaren's: Marshall gives Robin a high five for her ticket-talking-out-of-ways, as Barney sits and stews. As Ted enters, Barney leaves in a snit, announcing that he believes he left something in New Jersey. Robin asks Ted how his lunch went with "rich guy." And we flash back to...

Client's Mansion: Ted blathers about the landscaping and Frank Lloyd Wright, but the client is only interested in the design of his laundry room -- because sometimes, "It gets messy." The client wants a completely tiled laundry room -- one with chains hanging from the ceiling at a height of nine feet, from which his laundry bags can hang for three days and nights, before he cleans them. Dude's totally building a murder house. We flash forward to MacLaren's, where Robin has already caught onto the murder house issue, but then we flash back to the client's mansion, where Tony's telling Ted that his "instincts" indicate this is a good architect/client match. The client demonstrates his need for sound-proofing by going to his "laundry" room, to test whether or not Ted can hear him "doing laundry." Since client's "laundry" involves him running a chain saw, that's a big 10-4, buddy. Back at MacLaren's, Marshall and Robin scream that Ted cannot design a "murder house." And we cut to...

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