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Murder House And The Almost-Spouse

End Tag: As Barney finishes a silly story about the last time he wrote his name in his undergarments, LILY COMES BACK TO MACLAREN'S and immediately boosts the episode to the A range, because my word, I've missed her. Have you? She tells Barney that when he told her the peanut butter and jam joke, she was "completely disgusted." The gang all looks at one another with regret, so she adds, "But, I was in the shower this morning, and it popped into my head and actually made me laugh. Peanut butter." Delighted, Barney smiles and listens as she continues: "So I can see now how I may have overreacted -- Marshall's words, not mine." Barney says it's good to see her, so Lily asks what he's been up to. Barney says he's going to an amnesia ward, "with a bunch of photos of my 'children' and a wedding ring. I'm going to find the hottest patient-slash-my-wife, and we are going to..." Lily cuts him off. "Okay, so that's good enough for tonight. I've got to ease back into this. See you tomorrow." She rises and leaves her friends. Marshall shrugs, turns to Barney and we fade to black.

So, see? Stella's totally not the mom. We'll just ignore how I originally included a spoiler in the recaplet and only took it out once the editorial staff contacted me with a, "?!?!??!?!" Apparently, my brain shuts down after 22 episodes, whether the show "must" go on, or not. To those five of you who read the (original version of the) recaplet and weren't spoiled for the goods I spilled, I am so sorry. And the rest of you? Rest easy. We're almost home. There's just one more week of this season, and there's no need to panic. Everything is going to be okay. How could it not be? Lily is BACK!

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Cindy McLennan has an unhealthy attachment to Alyson Hannigan, dating back to her days as Willow on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Feel free to e-mail her at CynthiaMcLennan, or tweet at her at to commiserate. She'll see you next week, provided the two-hour Lost finale doesn't kill her dead.

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