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u wash the dishes." A beat... "But if it's something cheese based -- like a nice ziti -- at least soak it, okay?" Marshall says, "Of course, baby," and they kiss and profess their love. Robin demands to know how they did that -- how they moved from anger to love. Marshall says that sometimes, you have to set aside your ego. Lily agrees, "And remember that the love you have for that other person is way more important than winning." Barney and Robin look at each other and... crack up. Robin asks, "Seriously. What's the secret?" Lily says that once the honeymoon period is over, they can get to the 'real stuff'. "And honestly, it's the best part." In the Dowistrepla hallway, Barney and Robin mull over their friends' advice. They seem to take it in for a moment, but then Barney says, "OR, there's a bench in the elevator..." Robin's all over that. "Okay, so what if we're not the best couple in the world." Barney tries to convince himself. "Totally. It's not a competition." Back inside Dowistrepla, Lily and Marshall yell, "We win!" Marshall pops a bottle of champagne and declares he and Lily are, "The best couple in the world," as Lily claps and lets out a "Woooo." Commercial.

End tag: As Lily and Marshall snuggle on his couch, he points out that the champagne flutes are plastic. "So, we can just throw them away. That means no dirty dishes in the sink." Lily says, "You're dirty. Maybe I should leave you in the sink." Huh? Whatever. She takes his glass, places it down, and they smooch. Saget!Ted narrates that once their first argument got worked out, "All those other arguments? Well..." All the duplicate Marshall and Lily pairings appear again, and start kissing, too. "They got better, too." There's a descending whoosh, as the camera slides down the apartment below. A well-kempt upper-middle age couple sits in matching chairs, reading by the light of their crystal chandelier. The chandelier starts to shake. Dust flies off it. Bagpipes ring through their apartment. The couple looks up and then at each other in disgust. The woman puts her head in her hands, and we fade to black.

Well, in the recaplet, I noted that I had timeline concerns, but watching again eradicated them. I had thought that Ted had his epiphany while Robin and Barney were still on their ski weekend, so I thought his (what I thought was) subsequent confusion over their cloying happiness and the big reveal was all a jumble. It was not. As I noted above, I don't like that Marshall's logic eluded him when he had to argue with Lily. Eyes. Boobs. Whatever. This is not the first time they've had this couple argue, but Marshall was written as a bibbling idiot and it did not sit well with me. My big question though, is: what, exactly, does Saget!Ted tell his kids? We've had a lot of clever euphemisms on the show (which I mentioned earlier). And yet? So much of this show seems to be about sex, that I can't manage to draw a clear line between what he tells them and what he disguises and/or omits. I've thought this before, but this week's bagpipe euphemism just really took me out of the moment. Also, isn't it a little clich├ęd to have young people marvel at the fact that old people have active sex lives? I mean really. Let's grow up, a little. At least Ted admired his neighbors, but still, I think this show can do better than that. But, I enjoyed the Barney/Robin growth, and the Lily/Marshall interaction (not to mention the Barney/Lily fantasy). I just wish something had happened to Ted this week. He seemed more like a device than the central character. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that his irrelevance now indicates that there will soon be a lot of action in his love life. I hope so, and I hope it's this Ted we see. Duke Ted is good for a laugh, but this Ted -- this likeable voice of sanity -- is a guy I can root for. Before I sign off, let me apologize for my typo last time. I wrote "Lewis and Clark" as "Louis and Clark." Moosejaw in the forums gave me a heads up, but I never contacted the editorial staff, because I had some real life medical drama (everything is fine now, but there was a biopsy, y'all, yeeeeeeeesh) and then crashed thereafter. I do know it's "Lewis and Clark." All I can think is that I was so hung up on Louis Cyr's name (i.e. not Louie Cyr) that I typed without thinking. Anyhow, that was sloppy of me, and I apologize.

Join me next week for "The Rough Patch." Barney and Robin have one, so Lily and Alan Thicke (!!!) try to break them up. What? Yeah. In the meantime, save your mouth for other things, and let your fingers do the talking in the forums.

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