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Barney says, "A taco?"

"You love them, remember?"

Barney says he does. Robin says she's hungry. She wades her way through his heart's blood and to the door. Barney gathers his remains together, and walks out behind her, as Haley Taylor's No More Wishing drives to tears those few stoics who weren't taken there by Neil Patrick Harris, and Barney's heartache and longing.

With Taylor's song still playing in the background, we cut to MacLaren's. The whole gang is there as Saget!Ted takes us home: "So Robin and I went back to just being roommates and things went back to normal. Your Aunt Lily was right. When two exes decide to just be casual, someone always gets hurt. It just wasn't one of us." No, it was your kids, you big, dumb galoot, for having to hear how you were nailing their Aunt Robin. Someone call Social Services.

I don't know what I thought of this one. It was certainly a fine episode, and the continuity fairy was as generous as ever. She spoils us, you know. But look, I have kids. I've changed more diapers than I want to remember. Now that everyone's long trained, I try not to think about poop as much as this episode requires. I'm also getting tired of the stunt casting on the show, and yet this was a unique way to use it, so kudos for that. I've wanted the show to explore Robin and Ted some more ever since Robin talked to Ted at his almost-wedding, but I wish it had happened differently and that it had happened in an episode that really belonged to Barney. And yet, it's because of Robin and Ted that Barney owned this episode, and me, especially once he got past busting TVs and showed his heartbreak. Thanks to RobinJr in the forums, who identified Haley Taylor's beautiful song. See you next week.

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