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She comes over and asks to talk to him in private. He goes against his will as Lily rejoins Barney. She asks if she's right that Marshall talks to his dad too much, but Barney says if he could talk to his dad, he would never not be on the phone with him. Touched by the sentiment, Lily's like, "Wow, that was really..." But Barney spots a girl and goes, "Woah! A hottie with a body! Boing!" Lily finishes: "...brief." Barney points to the hottie, who is Robin. He says she's a saucy little minx, who sun dressed up. Robin gets hit on, then acts like an arrogant idiot. She tells the guy to scram, then sits with Barney, who tells her she's super-hot. It's sweet, then she pulls junk food out of her cute new purse. Cindy tells Ted she's sorry she was such a jerk, since he wasn't what she wanted, either. She wants to make it up to him, so he suggests setting him up with a friend. She says that wouldn't be odd, and tells him to say goodbye before he leaves. Back at the table, Barney and Ted stupidly high six over this. But at least they realize it's stupid.

Marshall and Lily are fighting in the street when his dad calls. He answers it, and his dad asks how the sex went and if it feels like a boy. He's excited and sort of sweet, but Marshall hangs up and tells Lily his dad's insane. He says he's so enthusiastic, it's ridiculous, and who's like that. She says Marshall is, and it's why women fall in love with the Eriksen men, but it's a lot of pressure right now. She says she could let him down if she couldn't have a baby. Hasn't that thought occurred to Marshall? He gets a little cheesy and it's hard for me to recap, since he tells her that's impossible, though I do love when he says "That would be like aliens landing. That is a bad example because that could happen; it probably already has; I saw this..." But she interrupts him with a kiss. As Ted gets up to talk to Cindy and her friend, Lily leads Marshall into their building.

Saget!Ted says that nothing compares to the exhilaration of making your move, putting it all on the line and going for it. Ted walks toward Cindy and friend as Saget!Ted says, "By golly, Cindy went for it." Cindy and her hottie friend kiss. Robin looks shocked, Barney snaps a photo with his phone. Saget!Ted says that girl isn't our mother; in fact, she and Cindy became mothers of their own little girl. Future family photo. Robin's all, "Like I said, she's here on a date." Saget!Ted says that wasn't the day he met our mother. The day he met her was on the day of a wedding. A vague and mysterious wedding, but still a wedding.

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