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Wayne and Barney discuss all the Valentines Barney used to get. Wayne thinks it's funny they all have the same handwriting as each other, the postmaster general, and their mom. Then they find an unsent letter their mom wrote to someone named Sam Gibbs and open it up. It's a picture of them both as little kids and, on the back, it says, "Your son." When Loretta comes in with sloppy joes for lunch, Wayne's like, "Mom, who's Sam Gibbs?" She squeaks for a moment, then says, "That doesn't sound familiar." Then she quickly makes up a lie that the back of the photo says "Yourson," for "Yourson, North Dakota," where they were in the picture. She says they rescued the mayor's dog there and she promised to send him a picture to make a statue, but guesses she never did. Wayne asks her why their swing set is in the picture if it was taken in North Dakota, and she says she doesn't know, then freaks out and leaves the room. Wayne: "Can you believe her?" Barney: "I know. Forgetting to send the photo. Those statues probably look nothing like us." Wayne, Lily, and Marshall look at Barney in amazement.

Back in a bedroom, Robin says she fixed her overselling of Ted to Liz by sending her another email: "Dear Liz, I hope it didn't sound like I was trying to oversell Ted. The truth is, he is a genuinely nice, down-to-earth guy, and I think you two would hit it off." Ted thanks her for that, but Robin's not done yet. "Is he gonna rock your world in bed? No. But he's clean, open to criticism and not into anything too weird. He's not bad at all. Not bad at all." Ted starts to say she went too far, but she's still not done. "I'll be honest: The first few times aren't gonna be that great. He's going to say, 'Are you finished?' more times than a waiter in a busy restaurant." He stops her, and I wonder how she's been helping pack if she wrote that long of an email on her phone.

Back in the living room, Wayne tries to convince Barney there's no Yourson, North Dakota, and Sam Gibbs might be one of their fathers. Barney says Sam's not his dad; Bob Barker is. Wayne tells Barney that he has to stop living fantasies their mom told them, because Bob Barker is absolutely not his father -- and Sam Gibbs might be. Wayne's going to see him, and asks if Barney's coming, too. Cut to them crammed next to each other in the moving truck, with Barney muttering that he can't believe they're going to go disturb the former mayor of Yourson. Wayne says Barney's scared to face the truth. The camera cuts to the other side of the truck, where Lily and Marshall are crammed in, eating sloppy joes.

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