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Apartment Building Exterior: Barney and Robin walk down the front steps, giddy that "she bought it." Robin proposes breakfast. Barney counters that brunch sounds kind of good (suddenly it's cool?). Robin smiles. "Well, lead the way, sweetie pie." Barney laughs and stops. "Whoa! Flugelhorn." Robin admits that felt wrong, too, and they giggle and whisper as they walk hand in hand through the streets of the city.

Marshall, Lily and Ted peek out the door and watch Robin and Barney depart. Ted says to Lily, "You do realize they were lying, right?" Lily smiles. "No, Ted. They don't realize they weren't lying." Let that be a lesson to you, kids. Never bring a sword to a gunfight.

End Tag: Barney and Ted sit at their booth in MacLaren's. Barney's in his suit. Ted's in a T-shirt. Marshall enters in a tuxedo. He greets everyone who looks at him like the fey James Bond he dreams of being. When he arrives at the booth, he sits next to Barney and smiles. "What? Oh, no! Did I not tell you guys that it was Tuxedo Night? Doesn't feel very good, does it?" And, I think for a moment that this might be the lamest end tag, ever, until I remember how horrible Marshall's hair looked last year and how cute he looks in his tux, tonight. Then I draw pink hearts around it and sigh.

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Cindy McLennan is easily amused and more easily distracted. You can email her at CynthiaMcLennan[at] and see for yourself. When she's not drawing pink hearts around boys in tuxedos, she's recapping Lost and The Vampire Diaries. How's that for variety?

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