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Love -- Or Something Like It

Marshall and Ted are driving back through the snow. Ted's asleep when Marshall imagines his dad in the backseat. He tells him his own secret: He couldn't see that great either, but he just kept driving forward, hoping for the best. Saget!Ted says they drove through the night, and got back for Valentine's Day, with no trace of his little freak-out for Zoey to see, except... Zoey shows up and sees Ted's packed Minnesota bag. She's all, "Really? An overnight bag for your own living room?" Then she pulls her own out and says they have a matching set. He thinks that was kind of presumptuous, and they kiss.

At laser tag, Barney calls Robin and wonders where she is, since the Boy Scouts have grown a foot since last year and are terrifying. Robin tells him there was a change of plans, and Nora shows up to avenge the kids shooting him with lasers. Lily's watching Predator alone when Marshall sneaks in with a glass of wine, a "Happy Valentine's Day, Lily Pad," and a kiss.

Tag. Lily's on the couch with her shirted-up Marshpillow. She looks at "him" awkwardly, then says they both knew this would end eventually. Soap opera music as we close-up on the pillow. The end.

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