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I enjoyed this episode waaaay more than last week's piece of crap, but I am starting to feel that, like [with] X Files or Buffy, I am now watching more out of a sense of commitment to the show than out of love. -- Erratic

Yes, I realize you could read the episode thread for yourself, Show (and to be fair -- if you did, you'd find some faithful lovers); and I realize this is my chance to tell you how I feel. The problem is, although I enjoyed the episode well enough as a one-off, I'm not feeling you. The above-quoted Erratic goes on to say that she'll stick with you anyhow, because she cares about your characters. I remember feeling like that, Show. Heck, I remember feeling anything about you. I wish there was something I could do or say. I wish I could even get my rage on, but I just don't care. I'm done talking to you, Show. The break starts now. The rest of this is for my awesome readers, who deserve a weecap of a decent stand-alone. It's not for you.

Saget!Ted reminds the kids of the doppelgangers he and the gang had found this season: Lesbian Robin, Mustache Marshall, Stripper Lily and Mexican Wrestler Ted. We cut to Marshall and Lily at MacLaren's deciding that once they find Barney's double, it will be a sign from the universe that they should start trying to conceive. I can't get past this -- not because it's ridiculous to allow a fluke of nature determine such a monumental life decision (although it is), but because I can't imagine Marshall and Lily knowing Barney like they do, seeing another Barney, and deciding that's the universe's prodding for additional procreation. I mean -- one Barney? Fluke. Plural Barneys? That's the universe's call for castration, am I right?

City Streets: Lily and Marshall spot a brunette Barney doppelganger -- driving a cab. They call Barney at work, just to make sure it's not him, scamming chicks. We cut to Barney's office. "Yes, I'm at work." He staples some papers for effect. "That's the sound of my stapler." He fiddles some more. "That's the sound of my 3-hole punch. And this is the sound of me 'filing' my corporate guidelines on sexual harassment." Whirrrrrrrr. Barney files the document in his shredder. "What is UP? Gotta go, Big Chief." As he hangs up his phone, we cut back to Cabbie-Barney, who drives off. Marshall: "Barney's at work. That was the fifth doppelganger." Lily: "Marshall Eriksen, put a baby in my belly." Audience: "Hurl." They kiss. (Marshall and Lily, not the audience, although really y'all, kissing would be a way better use of your time, as would practice-macking on the back of your hand.)

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