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Sorry. Where was I? Robin doesn't know what to do. Ted points out the obvious: talk to Don. Robin doesn't want to put this on Don until she figures out what she wants. Ted apologizes for not having better advice for her, he just can't be objective about any idea that involves her moving away. Touched, Robin grabs his hand and then takes a good look at it. "Hmm. Did you get a manicure." Ted: "No, I-- no..." Over in the next chair, a woman (Bonnie Bailey-Reed) looks up from her magazine and chuckles. "Heh. He sure did." Ted scowls at her. "Flo!" I wanna know how much time Ted spends there.

Cab: Barney explains the brunette cabbie scam to Marshall by reminding him of his plan to have sex with at least one woman from every country on the planet. He pulls down a map. On it, red check marks mark his progress. Marshall: "Wow. You're doing surprisingly well in the Baltics." Barney: "Mm-hmm, so I figured, what's the quickest way to get around the world in a hundred and eighty lays? Lease a cab and wait outside the U.N. Building for hot foreign chicks. It was the perfect plan. There was only one small detail I didn't take into account." Marshall: "Chicks don't wanna bang cab drivers." Barney: "Chicks do not want to bang cab drivers! And I put a lot of work into this one." Marshall confides in Barney that he's now got to tell Lily the fifth doppelganger is a fake. He explains their conception plan and the sign Lily wanted from the universe. Barney's completely against that. "The rule is -- no kids until you're 45. Do you ever read my blog? It's gotten a lot better." Marshall ignores him; he's ready now, but Lily needs this sign. Marshall's worried that now it might take years. Barney pulls up to the curb. "I'm sorry, buddy." A beat. "That'll be $37.50"

At home in bed that night, Marshall tries to break the news to Lily and her fantastic rack. Really, Alyson Hannigan, you are rocking your post-pregnancy bod for all it's worth. I've been watching you on TV for about 13 years and you look better than ever. Marshall tries to tell the truth, but she's standing there all ready, willing and able. Marshall's a goner.

MacLaren's: Robin and blond-Ted walk in. Barney cracks up then cracks wise. He heard about the hair, so he worked up some new material. It's mostly Billy-Idol cracks. Ted argues that he's getting tons of compliments, but he's not there to show off the new 'do. Eventually, Robin breaks the news that she might be moving to Chicago next week. Now, we already know she's not, so there's no suspense to this storyline, but for the record, I think I'd prefer a Robin In Chicago spin-off to this season.

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