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Ted's: Robin knocks at the door and asks to move back in. Ted embraces her as she cries. "Yes."

Later, on Ted's couch, Ted and Robin have obviously been drinking for a while. She asks if she's the biggest idiot in the world. Ted says something that feels so wrong to me that I'm just going to transcribe it, so I don't add my impressions to it. "Look, think about all of us five years ago, when we first met." During this, we flash back to random scenes. The first one is Marshall and Lily's post-engagement kitchen sex aftermath. "Marshall and Lily were just boyfriend and girlfriend. Now they're married and thinking about kids. And Barney? Barney was never going to commit to anyone, ever, and last year, he fell in love." We watch as Barney and Robin walk hand in hand down the street, long ago, back at the beginning of the season. "And me? I was chasing some girl." Cut to a flashback of Season 1 Robin in that green turtleneck. "...I was convinced was The One."

Back in the present, Ted adds, "Now, she's one of my closest friends. And you? Five years ago, you never would have chosen love over your career, but today you did." Robin says that means she's getting dumber. Ted: "No -- just more courageous. Look, we've all been searching for the five doppelgangers, right? But eventually, over time, we all become our own doppelgangers -- you know, these completely different people who just happen to look like us. Five years ago, Robin, that girl, she was pretty great. But Doppelganger Robin -- she's amazing." Robin starts moving her face toward him. Ted's hesitant at first, but soon follows her lead. Just before their lips meet, he tries to stop her. "We've... um... we've had a lot to drink." Robin: "I don't care." She reaches for his chin, but finds the visor on his baseball cap is getting in the way of their lips meeting, so she reaches up and pushes it off. Their lips are millimeters away from each other when Robin laughs with a giant snort. She's breathless, but Ted gets what's going on. "I forgot. I'm blond. I have blond hair." Robin continues to laugh. Ted joins her. Saget!Ted narrates: "And that's the story of how dying my hair blond kept us from doing something we both would have regretted. Kids, the universe is funny."

City Streets; Four Months Later: As Lily approaches MacLaren's she is stopped dead in her tracks by a pretzel vendor who looks just like Barney. She runs into the bar and back to the booth, and when she finds Barney in the booth with Robin, Marshall and Ted, she cries, "Yes, you're here. This is fantastic." Barney: "Lady, simmer. Your husband is right here. At least attempt to hide it." Lily can't contain her excitement. She drags them outside to see the pretzel guy. "Guys, look -- the fifth doppelganger!" The gang eyes him and finds he looks nothing like the Barnacle. Robin and Barney are both ready to correct her, until Marshall employs telepathy to shut them up. Marshall's Mind: "Guys, go with it." Saget!Ted tells the kids that they can ask the universe for signs all they want, but ultimately, people only see what they want to see. The gang corrects their actions. Marshall: "It's...uncanny." Robin: "Just like Barney." Ted: "Amazing." Barney: "Like looking in the mirror." Lily's back is to him, so he then cringes. Marshall steps forward from the gang and approaches his wife. "So, uh... does this mean..." Lily smiles as she grabs him 'round the waist. "Marshall Eriksen, put a baby in my belly." As they kiss, Ted, Robin and Barney rejoice quietly in the background.

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