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Old apartment. Everyone is relieved that there's no impending divorce. Robin asks about the announcement. Marshall says they decided not to get the apartment. It's not the right time. That's what he should have said. In reality, he said, "We got the place!" What the rest of them should have said: "Are you crazy? Have you lost your mind?" Instead, they all went, "Yay! Wow! Congratulations!" Man, this show is scary sometimes. Mortgages are no laughing matter, young people.

Marshall and Lily are arriving at the new apartment in a cab. They're so happy. Marshall opens the cab door and there's an overpowering stench. "It reeks!" he says. The cabbie says it's the plant. They shut it down on the weekends. He's surprised they don't know. This whole neighborhood is downwind of a sewage treatment plant. "Wait," Marshall says. The cabbie repeats what he said. The words "Downwind of the sewage treatment plant" appear on screen. Lily and Marshall look at them. The words combine to form, in yellow, "dowisetrepla." Marshall and Lily both go, "Uh oh!"

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How I Met Your Mother




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