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Cut to the apartment. Lily is wearing an oversized shirt (probably Marshall's) as she paints in the living room. Ted walks in and asks her how her day went. She says she yelled at a girl for painting a rainbow. Ted thinks that bitch must have had it coming. Marshall comes in with some bad news. The cost of fixing the floor in their new apartment is going to be a lot more than the estimate. Lily says they could barely afford the estimate price in the first place. Marshall says he hates to bring it up, but Lily might have to sell her stuff. "Whoa, Marshall, that's just a game we play in the bedroom." Not quite what he meant. Marshall means Lily's nuclear stockpile of designer clothes. Lily asks why Marshall's not selling his clothes. He thinks her Marc Jacobs cocktail dress will sell for more than his "Split happens" bowling shirt. Ted, however, sounds interested in the shirt. "I'm not selling that," Marshall whispers. Marshall says he already made a Website, Lily, upset, starts typing in what she thinks would be a better name for the Web site: Guy- The three of them are shocked when an actual Web site comes up. "My word," Marshall says, "that woman is actually wearing a garbage bag." Lily doesn't think the girl can pull off a tall kitchen. I actually really love the song on that site. "Gaaaarbage bag..."

In the cab with Britney. Barney is adjusting his tie as he asks why Abby is trying to ruin his life. She's mad that he slept with her then never called. "And?" Barney asks. He thinks if he leaves her on dry land with transportation home, she shouldn't complain. Abby says she was hurt. It didn't help that Ted, the love of her life, started dating her boss. Britney's voice sounds a little strained, like maybe she has a cold or something. Barney's not sympathetic. "Oh boo hoo, poor little Ashley." Abby! Barney says he got dumped as Ted's wingman after seven years of being his best friend. Even Abby knows that Marshall is Ted's best friend. Barney interrupts her angrily, "Se-ven YEARS!" They both start grousing about Ted. His meaningful relationship with Stella. They hate Ted. Abby asks if Barney is as turned on as she. "Probably not as much," he says. Cut to the two of them in bed together, of course. Abby looks pretty flushed around the neckline. She's sorry she yelled out "Ted" during sex. Barney's sorry he yelled out "Abby." Because... that's her name... get it? Ha? No? Yeah, I guess the joke got run into the ground and run over by the cab a ways back.

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