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Commercials. It's a coincidence that they ran the ad about depression medication during the Britney episode, right? Just checking.

Apartment. Lily is on her laptop and Robin is playing with her cell phone. Lily is upset that her dream of being an artist is dead and now she's watching all her clothes get sold. Her computer does a chime. Her favorite dress, which she's holding in her hands, just got sold. She has a flashback to when she wore it in the spring of 2004, after a hard few months. We side-whoosh to see Lily walking down the street. A guy reading a book just outside a bookstore watches her go and says, "Daaaaaamn!" Lily smiles and keeps walking. In the present day, Lily says that she got a two-syllable damn. "That's the dream," Robin agrees. Lily looks at her screen to see who bought the dress. "" Busted! Lily throws the dress at Robin. Robin says she's keeping it in the family, at least. Marshall and Ted enter the apartment, grinning. Something amazing happened. Marshall says he went to the G-CWOK's apartment. He says he felt guilty. Marshall's hair just keeps getting floppier and floppier. If we didn't know he was going bald, I'd swear he was going to grow up to be Edward Herrmann. Ted says he loved the painting and didn't want to see it in the trash. We side-whoosh to the G-CWOK apartment. Immediately, Marshall is getting hit on. "Talk about a nice frame!" Blonde Gay Dude says to Marshall. He notices that Marshall is married to "that little bit of a thing" and asks how that works. I've always wondered that myself! "I'd like to find out," he tells Marshall. Back at the apartment, Lily says that we get it: gay guys like Marshall. Marshall feels the need to clarify: "No. Lily. They LOVE me." Back at the G-CWOKs: Ted, who has been scoping the apartment, decides that this guy has impeccable taste and style. He asks about the red boots, which he's wearing. Blonde Gay Guy looks down and calls for his mate, Walter. "Boots," he says simply. Walter looks down. "Pulling. Them. Off," he says, after a long pause. Yes! Awesome! I hate the boots, but I love the verdict! I have betrayed my own judgment and it rules! Ted, satisfied, smiles. He walks out as the spaghetti western music plays again. In the apartment, Ted puts his boot foot up on the table. "G-CWOK-approved," he says. But back to the painting. Marshall is hunting in the Dumpster for the painting. It was gone. But the superintendent told Marshall that a vet named Dr. Greer took the painting. Lily asks why the guy took her painting. Marshall leads her out of the apartment so she can find out.

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How I Met Your Mother




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