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Dr. Greer's office. Dr. Greer is the awesome Larry Wilmore, the Senior Black Correspondent from The Daily Show. (I love him best for his work on the very underrated Bernie Mac Show.) I can't do his tiny bit justice, but he does tell Lily that he was having a busy day that involves lots of neutering (not to worry; mostly dog testicles). We see him find the painting in the Dumpster. "Heeey, free painting!" he says, in that scene and also in voiceover. He looks both ways to make sure nobody sees him, even though it's a painting in a Dumpster. We see him hang up the painting in Exam Room 3. A Chihuahua is brought in and barks angrily from the last time he was brought in. (Snip-snip!) In the exam room, though, the dog sits and stares at the painting. The next dog, a dead ringer for Lady Bird from King of the Hill named Tidbit, is also staring. Then another dog named King Larry. And the Weinstein triplets, three Dalmatians. It shouldn't be funny, but watching these damn dogs stare at that damn painting is pretty hilarious. Especially with Larry Wilmore watching from the doorway. He tells Lily that her paintings speak to the canine sensibility on a primal level. Birds, however, get bummed out. Dr. Greer says a parrot saw the painting, got out of its cage and threw itself at the ceiling fan. Marshall says that he convinced the doctor to buy four more paintings. At $500 each. Instead of using it for the repair, though, Marshall wants to reinvest the money in Lily.

At the apartment, Lily is painting and Marshall is on the computer. He's built a Web site to sell Lily's paintings to veterinarians. Lily thanks Marshall for believing in her. Just then, a bird flies into the window, near the painting. "Man. Birds do NOT get you!" Marshall says.

Abby's place. Barney shows up as Abby is cutting out wedding ideas from magazines. Barney, distant, is looking for a tie he might have left there. She starts going on and on about the wedding planning. She asks if the wedding cake should be Fudgie the Whale or Cookie Puss. Barney insists that it was just a bit. Abby ignores that and asks if they should get married on Labor Day. She doesn't want to detract attention from America by having it on the 4th of July. Barney thinks, and comes up with a solution. He says he can't marry Abby. "Ted begged me not to because he's in love with you!" Brilliant! Barney gives her Ted's home address. He says Ted works late, so not to show up before 2 or 3 in the morning. She feels bad about keeping Barney's ring. It's just candy. He takes a piece off and eats it. "Later!" he says. Evil music plays as she stares at the address.

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