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Another One Down

Ted shows up back at the Captain's building to get Zoey's box, but the Captain's once again in the lobby. He invites him up again, and tells Ted he knows who stole Zoey. He's holding a sword while he says it, so obviously Ted's shitting himself. He says that no man likes to be betrayed, especially by a friend, so Ted can imagine how it hurt him to learn that the name of the betrayer is ... "Ted, when I tell you, you're going to... It's my doorman!" Ted: "That sonofabitch." The Captain explains how he knows: The doorman always winks and tips his hat when he sees Zoey. Plus, he has a glorious moustache. He plans to have him fired for this, but Ted says he can't. The Captain agrees, and says physical retribution is much better. He pulls out two medieval flails [Hey, like the one Ted damaged his ceiling with! - Zach] but Ted stops him. He wonders who this flower child is, and what happened to his lionhearted friend, Ted Mosby. But Ted tells him he can't blame the doorman; the Captain and Zoey had nothing in common. "For God's sake, Captain, she hates boats!" He knows it's tough to face, but he's sure a small part of the Captain has always known they're not right for each other. The Captain sighs and wonders why Zoey couldn't just like boats; other girls like them, don't they? Ted says they do, and he'll find one, and be much happier than he was with Zoey. The Captain says that maybe he should thank the doorman, when Ted puts it that way. Ted agrees, and then scoots toward the door and admits he's the one dating Zoey, then runs out. He almost forgets Zoey's box on the way out, but doesn't.

Lily finds Marshall rifling through a dumpster and asks him what gives. He's sorry, but no one's getting any action until he finds those rings. She hopes this doesn't make her look desperate, but she dives into the dumpster to help him find them.

Barney shows up at Robin's and tells her to give it to him. She's annoyed, because she tries to root for him, even as his ex. She wants him to change, but he just never will and she's done trying to help. Barney: "The number. Give me the number." He tried to piece back together one that he tore up, but can't read it. She fills him in, and they bicker, but then he leaves. He has a phone call to make. Robin gives him a "go get her" on his way out.

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