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Once More Without Feeling
up his suits -- tomorrow. And as he lays Karina down on his bed, he looks toward his suits, which are just fretting away in the closet and whispers, "You guys are fine."

That's all, folks. There was no end tag, and how could there be? Really. There are some interesting mother-theories floating around the forum, though. My favorite so far is that Cindy's roommate will turn out to be her twin sister (also played by Rachel Bilson, obvo). My least favorite (because it's too gloomy) has been around a while: Ted is telling this story to his kids after their mother's death. I wondered for a moment if Karina couldn't be the mother, but I hate to think that Barney slept with the mother, and I think that would cause timeline issues. Regardless, that's just too icky for me. Barney and Ted have both been with Robin. Enough is enough. Anyhow, what did you think of the episode? Did the musical number save it for you; ice the cake; or leave you cold? Are you still (or once again) interested in the mother, or do you wish the writers would give it a rest until they're ready to reveal all? Let me know in the forums, or shoot me an email with your pet speculation.

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