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Two Beavers Are Better Than One

Just then, a knock at the door! It's Punchy, who's like a slightly taller, more frat-boyish Morgan Grimes. After calling Robin and Barney "turds," he reveals that he's crashing on the couch, and manages to seamlessly weave in an Inception reference. "Feels like you're dreaming? Check your totem, brah -- Punchy's here in the flesh!" With that, he starts a series of rapid-fire arm punches that don't let up even when they cut to MacLaren's, where he's telling the gang about Ted crapping his pants once. Robin wants him gone, but Ted's worried about him, with his dead-end car rental job and his life in Cleveland. Oh, poor Punchy! Sorry, Ted, not everyone can be a practicing architect and college professor in Manhattan.

Lily and Marshall walk in, but Robin is on the way to get a massage on her own, pretty harshly dissing Lily as being too busy reading What to Expect When You're Expecting to Expect. Lily tells the guys she's worried Robin is going to dump her, but I dunno, that was some pretty dump-worthy behavior from Robin, there. Marshall doubts Ted's mathematical solution, and says that maybe Lily should simply try not talking about babies. So Lily stops by the apartment to do just that, but as soon as Robin innocently says "crib" and "rattled," Lily is off and running, saying that she's gonna keep talking about babies and she needs Robin's support. Robin flips, pointing out that Lily isn't even pregnant yet, and that she's sick of it. Lily calls off the friendship to spare Robin having to even see the baby, and Robin agrees. Well, that went well. Back in DOWISETREPLA, Marshall is incredulous, and a little angry at Lily. He even refuses to comfort his weeping wife... for like five seconds.

MacLaren's: Ted returns from Times Square with Punchy, who seems to only be interested in taking pictures of billboards. As Punchy goes to pee in a jar in the alley for some reason, Barney says he has got to go, rattling off the farewell lines from every reality competition show known to man, including The Weakest Link, Survivor, Top Chef, Work of Art, The Bachelor, Rock of Love, Big Brother, The Chopping Block, Top Chef: Just Desserts, Drag Race, Hell's Kitchen, The Amazing Race, America's Next Top Model, The Apprentice and Project Runway. It's impressive in its comprehensiveness, but not funny enough to warrant the time and effort involved. But, when Punchy tricks Ted into looking at his scrotum, Ted finally agrees.

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