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How I Bought Your House

Clint and Virginia's House: Ted arrives, champagne flute in hand, full of apologies and ready to deliver the toast he skipped out on. In it, he acknowledges that he's never seen his mother as happy as she is with Clint, and welcomes Clint to the family. When he's done, Virginia walks out onto the porch and takes her son in her arms. "Ted, I am so... baked right now, I'm only 60% sure you're actually standing in front of me. But if you are, I love you, and you are the best son a mother could ever have." She embraces him again, and Clint joins in, to make it a three-way. Once his arms are wrapped around his new family, he exhales the, um... "sandwich" smoke he's been holding in since Ted knocked on the door. Saget!Ted says, "There was no logical reason why my mother should be with a guy like that, and yet, as you kids know, being with your Grandpa Clint was the best decision your Grandma made." We cut to...

Money Pit: Saget!Ted continues: "Sometimes, our best decisions are the ones that don't make any sense at all." Ted, who has just returned to the Money Pit, sees the door to the back porch is open. He walks out to find Marshall, grilling sausages. Ted reminds Marshall that he told him he was selling the place. Marshall: "I know what you said. I also know my best friend, Ted Mosby." Oddly enough, Barney does not pop out from the shrubbery to correct him. Marshall points out that whenever he's told Ted not to rush into a relationship with a girl, or whatever, Ted has never, ever listened. "Your heart is both drunk and a kid." Awwww. Ted: "Thanks for sticking up for me, man." Marshall: "That's what I do." Sure, when you're not monkeying around.

Ted wants to show Marshall some of the ideas he has for the house. "Our House" starts to play again, as Saget!Ted tells the kids that Marshall was right. "I didn't give up on my dream house, because that's the thing about stupid decisions: we all make them, but time is funny -- and sometimes a little magical." And slowly, we watch as the room with the smashed walls turns into a cozy living room. "It can take a stupid decision, and turn it into something else entirely." The room becomes more and more familiar. Finally, the yellow school bus appears on the shelves. Then the black leather couch. "Because kids, as you know, that house..." The kids appear. "...Is this house."

Repeating myself from the recaplet here, but kudos to Christine Rose and Harry Groener, who are always sure-fire hits. I'm glad to see Groener join the HIMYM extended family. Now, this episode was quite funny in spots (largely thanks to Groener), but at other points, it fell flat. The running who's crying now joke was only funny at the point that the show revealed that Barney was the one weeping. His attempts to humiliate Robin before and debunk her claims after fell flat -- except, of course for his disturbing and yet still touching scene with Virginia.

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