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St. Cloud, Minnesota; 1994: It's the sight gag that makes this scene work, so bear with me. Picture A Licky Boom Boom Down-era Marshall (without his overalls, and yet in dire need of a dermatologist). He tugs on his rattail and the awkward oozes like pus from his every pore as he giggles, blushes, stammers and asks Lisa (Brooke MacKenzie) to go out with him. She's seeing a guy who has a LeBaron convertible and an "in" at the roller rink, so she'd "hate to burn that bridge." Who wouldn't? Then, however, Lisa says Marshall can totally be her "secret boyfriend" -- who does all her homework for her. His head rocks back and forth. For dignity's sake, I hope he's having a seizure, but no. He's just getting his gleeful geek on. "A'ight!" Oh, Marshall. Before we cut away, he asks Lisa if she wants to see his rap poster.

MacLaren's: Lily denounces Marshall as a "poster whore," because this week, apparently, she is the reacher -- a reacher who is reaching so far that she's jealous of a moment that happened 15 years prior -- a moment in which Marshall was a romantic failure, no less. Marshall says Lisa strung him along until one...

Snowy Night; St. Cloud, Minnesota; 1994: Marshall goes to tell Lisa how much he loves her. In song. Lisa's not home, though. Marshall eventually falls asleep while waiting on her front porch. When he wakes, he and his guitar are covered with snow. The footprints tell him that Lisa walked right over him and into her house.

MacLaren's: Marshall says that was the lesson he needed to learn, in order to get off the hook. Ted insists that's not the deal with him and Tiffany. We flash back to the apartment, where Tiff, who is still holding Teabagger, tells Ted she's really into him, but she can't be with him... "right now." Back in the present, the gang tells Ted that "right now" is the on-the-hook catchphrase.

Lily says she thinks her old high school boyfriend, Scooter, is still on the hook for her. Marshall agrees, since Scooter (David Burtka; NPH's partner) showed up at their wedding and tried to win her back. It's then that Lily reveals Scooter is now working at her school cafeteria. In a flashback, Scooter, wearing a hairnet (with the knot in front) compliments Lily's dress, offers her some tater-tots and then mouths, "I love you." Back at MacLaren's, Marshall is upset that Lily never told him that Scooter was now working at her school. Lily says, "I've mentioned it tons of times: Lunch Lady Scooter." Marshall: "I thought that you were referring to some sort of long overdue device that carries around those poor, under-appreciated lunch ladies." Lily says that explains a lot. We flash back to...

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