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We're still back in time as Ted is asking everyone to play along with the forthcoming fake cooking class story. Barney's not sure he wants to play along. Ted insists she's not crazy. Barney says, "We'll see." We side-whoosh ahead to Blah Blah really laying it on thick about how she's a bad cook. Everyone chuckles appreciatively. Barney says that story is, "Crazy!" Ted tries to change the subject to how Lily and Marshall met. He asks them to tell it, right now. Marshall alerts us to a spoiler alert: everyone says "Awww" at the end. We freeze as SagetTed explains that a long-time couple's "How we met" story is a finely-choreographed dance. Lily says it was late-August, 1996. Marshall says they were both freshman moving in to Hewitt Hall. Lily joins in on the end of that sentence.

Side-whoosh to Marshall saying in voice-over that Lily needed help setting up her stereo. We see Lily, sporting black hair and wearing red flannel, messing with a tiny bookshelf stereo. We cut to her wandering down a hallway and saying in voice-over that she felt strangely drawn to Room 110. Marshall says that it was as if she knew someone special was waiting behind that door. Lily knocks. Marshall, wearing a grey, "Snake River Tavern" T-shirt, answers. As fate would have it, we hear, it was Marshall. The two freshmen grin at each other. In voice-over, they say it was love at first sight.

Side-whoosh back to MacLaren's. "Awwww," says Blah Blah. Marshall and Lily kiss. The scene freezes. SagetTed says that when he first heard the story from Marshall, it was a little different. Side-whoosh to Marshall and Ted in their dorm room. Ted's got on glasses and has big hair. Marshall is playing what might be a Sega Genesis game. He tells Ted that this black-haired goth chick stopped by today. "Wanna tap it!" he sings. Ted agrees with a nod that this would be good.

MacLaren's. Crazy Blah Blah loves the story and says that it was like when she was in cooking class with Ted and their hands touched for the first time. She knew he would take her to the roof, kiss her and give her a rose. "Which he did!" she exclaims. Crazy! "Say 'Awwww!' " she insists, just like my dentist did earlier today. Everyone at the table says it, against their will. She offers to get the next round of drinks. When she gets up to go, Barney gives Ted a look. Ted says anybody would be stressed out meeting new people. He says she's not crazy. "Crazy-generous, maybe." Ted's in big trouble.

After commercials, Blah Blah is back at the table. She asks how Barney and Robin met. In disbelief, Robin looks at Barney and keeps repeating, "No." Over and over again. She says she and Barney aren't together. "Really?" Barney asks, "16 no's?" Blah Blah says, in an obviously threatened way, that Robin is single, attractive, and friends with Ted. "Great!" she says. Everyone is uncomfortable. Ted deflects by telling the story of how he and Marshall met.

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