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How I Met Everyone Else

Back at the booth, Barney is trying to regale Robin with the story of how he met Marshall. She's heard it before. Flashback. Barney is trying to make Marshall feel bad for having only slept with one woman. He vows to introduce Marshall to a new woman and to make all his decisions for him. Marshall doesn't even know this guy yet. Barney wants to be Yoda. But instead of being green and little, he wears a suit and is awesome. He's "Bro-Da." Barney wants Marshall to use The Force. Ted thinks using force with a girl is bad. Barney says, "No The Force." Ah, Star Wars jokes. Barney points out the hot chick that just walked in. It's Lily with bright red hair and a tight red top. Barney asks how much hotter she is than Marshall's girlfriend. Marshall plays along. Marshall goes to talk to her and says that he's been with the same woman for too long and now he needs some "strange." Barney gives Marshall a pep talk, not really believing he'll score. Marshall pretends and goes to talk to Lily. They kiss immediately. Barney is in awe. "That man is a god!" he says. Back in the present, Marshall says that Barney followed him around for a week after that hoping to absorb his lessons.

Lily comes back to the booth and wants to talk to Marshall in private. Before she can, Blah Blah tells everyone that Lily and Ted made out in college. Marshall has heard both stories separately from Lily and Ted, but didn't know it was the two of them. Marshall doesn't believe it. He was at the party and thinks Ted's make-out girl was someone named Alexa. The guy Lily made out with was named Colin. Lily asks if he's sure. If not, Marshall says, he peed in the wrong guy's shampoo. Ew! Blah Blah asks Ted what's up with that. Ted watches Lily and Marshall kiss and decides to go along with the revised history. He says he must have made a mistake. "Another girl, Ted? Who haven't you made out with!" Blah Blah explodes. She's mad about a freshman-year make-out session? She says she makes handbags, she's writing a memoir and this is totally her year. She doesn't need this. She yells that someday the name "Blah Blah" will be up in lights. She tells Ted not to even think about chatting with her on World of Warcraft anymore. Ha! She leaves. Ted dodges her handbag. "World of Warcraft? The online role-playing game?" Barney asks. That's how they met. We flash to animation from the game. A heavily armored...what is that, a night elf? I haven't played this in a while, but the fantasy dude tells a girl in a bikini, "We should grab some coffee sometime..." in a word balloon. "Yes we should," the girl says. "What's your name?" the big monster asks. "Ted," the girl in the bikini says, "what's yours?" Nice one. Ted insists it's a cool game.

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