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How I Met Everyone Else

SagetTed explains that of course Blah Blah didn't turn out to be their mother. Thank goodness. SagetTed says he was sure he made out with Lily, but that their story was worth preserving. He kept his mouth shut...until...their 20th college reunion. Ted, wearing a suit and looking quite a lot older with neatly combed hair, runs into Alexa. She reminds him of the last time they were there. She says, "Come on." We flash to Ted making out with her and Lily making out with Colin. Then back to the reunion. "That was you?" FutureTed asks. He rushes over to Lily and says, "We never made out!" OldLily and OldMarshall are there. Lily says she knows. Ted says he's not Too Much Tongue Guy. "Actually..." Alexa tells him. Wonk wonk wonk!

Epilogue. Balding OldMarshall sits down with FutureTed and OldLily and says he confiscated something from some kids. He pulls out a baggie with a hoagie in it. "That is a fat sandwich!" Ted says. We cut to the three of them on the floor eating the sandwich. Lily takes a bite as Ted and Marshall go, "Chew, chew, chew, swallow!" They all giggle. She says sandwiches are strong these days. FutureTed says he used to be able to eat a whole sandwich by himself. Marshall asks if they can grow sandwiches behind their garage. "Where's my wife?" Ted asks and cracks himself up. Good episode!

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How I Met Your Mother




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