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I'm Not That Guy

SagetTed tells us that he was working from home on a quiet November day in "the year 2007." We see bushy-haired Ted as the small desk where a pretty sweet and large Apple monitor sits, along with one very phallic SoundStick speaker. SagetTed says he was working from home to avoid distractions. Just then, Marshall and Barney both enter the room, each of them wearing suits. Marshall was in his bedroom, Barney comes in through the apartment front door carrying a little brown paper bag. Both are chatterboxing away about bit news they've got. Barney says his thing's pretty huge (that's what...uh...he said!), so Marshall can go first. Marshall starts to talk, but Barney cuts him off with, "I found a porno starring Ted Mosby!" That is huge! Barney pulls a DVD out of the paper sack and says it's called Welcome To The Sex Plane. The guy who plays the navigator is named Ted Mosby. This almost happened to Robin, sorta. Yay for plot recycling! Ted is impressed that the guy spells his name the same. Marshall calls it a cheap coincidence and shares his own news: he just got off the phone with...Ted cuts him off by saying this totally explains what happened at the doctor the other day. Side-whoosh to Ted's doctor examining him with a tongue depressor. He says Ted's probably used to telling people to say "ahhh" than hearing it. "Ted Mosby," the doctor adds with a chuckle. Ew! Side-whoosh back to Ted asking who this guy is and why his doctor's watching porn. For an anatomy brush-up? Barney grabs the box and goes to put the disc in the DVD player so they can meet Ted's Doppleganger. "DoppleBANGER!" Ted adds helpfully. Marshall is trying to get his news in, but Ted is talking about another Ted Mosby who was a confederate general in the Civil War. Barney says it's probably not the same guy. Marshall finally blurts out that he got the job at the NRDC. Ted hugs him. Cut to some pretty nature shots as SagetTed deciphers the acronym: Natural Resources Defense Council, the environmental group. Marshall's dream job. Marshall notes that it's weird to hug while a porn is on. They disengage. Barney says, "Heyyyy-o!" New guy's entering the cockpit. They wonder if it's Ted. Not very interesting discussion of how many stripes they have on their uniforms. Navigators: 3. Captains: 4. And now you know. Barney says pornos aren't really big on accuracy. The directors of this film were "Dirt and Skank, The Raunch Brothers."

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