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Marshall shows up. When relaying his interview, he says he planned to give this old Jefferson Coatsworth bastard a piece of his mind since he wasn't taking the job anyway. Side-whoosh to an expensive-looking office. John Cho of Harold & Kumar fame is Jeff Coatsworth. Man, that guy's everywhere! And he's wearing a casual and very comfy looking long-sleeved T-shirt. He looks young! Dude, he is so psyched that Marshall is here. "Can I beer ya?" he asks. SagetTed says the guy seemed really nice. Of course, he wasn't. "Three years later," we see Jeff Coatsworth being hauled out of the front doors of a courthouse, led out in cuffs, telling reporters they can go to Hell. "I'd do it all again!" he yells. Then, hilariously, "I'm innocent!" Side-whoosh back to the beer-fueled interview. Marshall is about to turn the job down. Jeff stops him and sits up on his own desk, telling Marshall that he doesn't want to work here. He knows about Marshall's job with the NRDC. He says it's awesome and that he wishes he could have gone the non-profit route. He looks into a convenient small mirror on the wall and says, "I hate myself."

MacLaren's. Barney says this guy is good. He calls it a classic seduction technique and ties it to how he picks up a lady. He gives her a drink, which is something she wants. Then, he pretends to care about whatever she does; like Marshall and the environment. Now they share an interest. And then...the sex. Marshall doesn't think he's being seduced. He wasn't offered the job. Barney says that'll happen at dinner. He correctly assumes that Marshall was invited to dinner. Side-whoosh to a dinner invitation from Jeff. Jeff offered to take Marshall out and bill it to one of his evil clients. Jeff asks if Marshall knows about Kobe beef. Marshall drools. It's the most expensive beef in the world. Jeff tempts Marshall with Kobe lobster, lobsters that have been fed Kobe beef. Ha. That's diabolically delicious! Back at MacLaren's: Marshall says, "Oh my God, he's trying to seduce me!" Marshall decides not to go. He's not that kind of boy. Lily encourages him to go and get a great meal out of the deal. Barney tells her not to wait up. Looking on Barney's iPhone, Robin sees that Porno Ted has the same hometown as Ted: Shaker Heights, Ohio. Ted wants to find this guy. Coincidentally, he'll be in town signing autographs at the Adult Video Expo. Lily asks, a bit naively, if they have actual conventions for porn. Do they! Barney blesses America.

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