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Marshall is making the phone call. He feels weird doing this over the phone. "So don't," Jeff says. He's pulling up in a limo. Evil music plays. He wants to take Marshall to Tuckahoe Funland. Marshall asks if it's the "magical factory where dreams are made." It's an amusement park. Marshall and Jeff are riding a Ferris wheel. Marshall loves this place. He's eating a corndog. He tells Jeff he can't work for him. Jeff knows. He says he gets it. Marshall says that people fought to preserve this place. Jeff says that'll never happen. He tells Marshall that if he came to work for the firm, he'd only have to represent Tuckahoe Funland. Cut to MacLaren's: Marshall says he's taking the job. He says he's representing the least evil place in the world! Yay!

SagetTed: "Or so Marshall thought..." Cut to newspaper headlines: "Funland safety scandal!" "3 Die At Funland." And "E.Coli Outbreak Traced to Funland Corndogs." Marshall suddenly gets up from the booth to go to the bathroom. He's holding his stomach. Lily says she'd better check on him. She texts, "Good luck in there baby. I believe in you."

Apartment. Barney has brought the DVD of Lance Hardwood, Sex Architect, starring Ted Mosby. He pops it in. Barney says he's in the credits for location scouting. Porno Ted is sitting at Ted's desk. A blonde is on top of the desk. He's gonna show her the plans for the International Sex Building. Ted says it really looks like their apartment. Barney says it is. He returns some keys to Ted. The blonde wants to celebrate with Porno Ted on the couch. Everybody gets up from the real couch, going "Ewwww!" You were expecting another Shakespeare reference?

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