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Saget!Ted says, "And one year later, that's exactly what we did." Robin, Barney, Ted, Marshall and Lily are at MacLaren's. The title card reads, "the year 2009" and Ted is proposing a toast. "So, let's raise a glass of $2,500 Scotch to one hell of a year. They clink their glasses and drink, except Lily, who only sniffs hers. Hmmmmm. I wonder what's going on there... Robin says the Scotch is amazing. Barney declares it unbelievable. Ted says, "It's kind of smoky, with a hint of aged cedar and... Do you guys taste a difference between this and $10 Scotch?" Everyone says stuff like, "Nope, no, not at all." Barney wants to cut his with Red Bull. Wendy walks by and Robin asks her to take a picture of them, and hands Wendy her camera. They pose, with Robin being awfully snuggly with Barney, as Saget!Ted teases us. "A lot of things did change that year. But some things stayed the same." Lily says, "So uh, what do you say we move this party upstairs to the apartment?" They agree, and Ted grabs the bottle of Scotch with his left hand. If there's a wedding band on there, it's invisible.

End tag: Barney enters the apartment wearing his old man make-up and suit. Robin, Lily, Marshall and Ted are standing in front of the fireplace, under the replacement "INTERVENTION" banner. Robin tells him this is an intervention. He leans forward. "I'm sorry? I can't hear you." Marshall tells him that's enough of the old man bit. Old man bits. Ew. Barney says, "What about the old sand pit?" Lily tells him to let it go. Barney says, "'Let it Snow'? I love that old ditty." He does a little old man dance. Ted announces he's getting his flail. Barney says, "You're setting sail?" And we're all out of show. I flail like a Supernatural fan, because I can't wait to know who ends up where and how they keep the apartment.

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