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Ted approaches Marshall with his letter. Marshall says it's all water under the bridge, but Ted insists. "Dear Ted, Stella seems like a wonderful person, but you don't know her well enough to get married. You certainly don't know her well enough to commit to raising a seven-year-old with her. You're not doing her, her child or yourself any favors by rushing into this. Give it some more time." Marshall tries to shrug it all off. "Dude, that was months ago, before we all got to know Stella and see how awesome she is and what a great couple you guys are. That's why we decided to not even have the intervention." Ted thanks them, saying he really needs them to be on board with this. Marshall assures him they are. Don't tell Barney, but Marshall's really Ted's best friend. Shhh. Robin hopes Ted isn't mad at them. He says he not; it's not like they were talking crazy; they had a lot of valid concerns. And it starts to happen, here. Ted starts to talk himself out of getting married.

Lily notes those were concerns from which they've moved on. Ted starts to argue that they had a point. It's all moved pretty fast. Now they're really intervening with Ted -- trying to get him to marry Stella, while he's refusing. Marshall offers that maybe it moved fast because it's so right. Ted points out that he and Stella are still just getting to know one another, and wonders if Lily's right and Stella won't like any of his stuff. "Like the robot cookie jar. This was like the first thing we bought for this place. Remember?" He pulls the cookie jar out of the box. Marshall imitates a robot: "Marshall, my Pecan Sandies sensors indicate that you're dangerously low." Ted pulls his James Bond tapes out of the box, and remembers how watching them induced Lily to speak with a British accent for a month -- and I fall in love with this show all over again, because they're doing what they do best: planting these meaningless little seeds, like Lily's fake accent intervention, and then letting them blossom in the most unexpected places. Reading my last sentence over, it sounds like a load of B.S. Oh well, maybe they can use it to fertilize the seeds. More blossoms for everyone!

Ted starts pulling things out of boxes left and right -- including the English phone booth. He laughs, almost childlike, and runs towards his bedroom with the booty. When Robin asks what he's doing, he says, "Unpacking. I am never leaving this apartment," and the poor thing laughs a little like Renfield. Ted begins unpacking at a furious pace. Lily tries to talk sense to him, but he's afraid he's not ready for all the responsibility, particularly parenting a 7-year-old. You never are, my friend. He's afraid he's going to get married, move to the suburbs and in the blink of an eye, become an old man...

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