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They find Barney making out with a beautiful young blonde. They all feel sickened at the sight. Barney says, "Well, well, well. I believe someone owes me $200.00." I love how he took a little scoffing from Marshall, turned it into a challenge, and then turned it into a sizeable bet. Marshall starts to refute the idea, but Barney interrupts, saying this proves he'll be this awesome when he's 80. He reaches his arm up and out, his hand twisted a bit like a claw. "Arthritis five." No one high fives him, but he does not leave his arm extended for the rest of the show. Ted looks around, smiles, and says, "I'm moving to New Jersey." When Lily questions him, he says she and Marshall should move to their new place and Robin should go to Japan. "We're going to get older whether we like it or not, so the only question is whether we get on with our lives, or desperately cling to the past..." he points at Barney, "And end up like that." Still in old-man character, Barney says, "You mean awesome? I'm 80, dude, and I'm making out with a 22-year-old." The woman walks up behind him. "Take me to your place, cheri. I want to see your World War II medals." Barney says, "In a minute, mon petit." Marshall says, "All right, so, that doesn't count." When Barney asks why, Robin says, "She's French; that's like playing tennis with the net down." Dear French readers, direct your complaints to CBS, not moi, s'il vous plaǐt.

Ted says he'll cover the security deposit, because every dent in that place represents a memory he'll cherish forever. Easy to do when you're marrying a doctor and moving into her house. He has a condition, though. They each have to put aside ten bucks a week for the next year. "And we come back here, and we buy that 50-year-old Scotch." As he talks, he approaches their regular table, where a young, blond couple sits. "And we toast the incredible, life-changing year we've all had... get out of our booth." The couple grab their drinks, and the woman grabs her cell phone and they clear out. There is no longer a cell phone on the table, just a bowl of nuts and one of those special cards. "Me with my new family; Marshall and Lily with their new apartment; Robin as the number one English-speaking journalist in the Pacific Rim, visiting us here in New York, to celebrate this day -- the day we closed an incredible chapter in our lives, only to open a new one." The unseated woman returns and says, "I think I left my cell phone." Ted growls, "Get out of here," and the cell phone rests on the table, to the right of his right hand, which is why, dear show, you got an A-, rather than a A. [Continuity counts! Also, show your work! - Zach]

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