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Salvation Army (Haiti Relief)

** Doctors Without Borders (Emergency Relief Fund [general])

Partners In Health (Stand With Haiti)

Save The Children (Haiti Earthquake Children In Emergency Fund)

If none of the funds listed above appeal to you, check out AIP's own recommendations for Haiti donations.

Additionally, you can donate through the William J. Clinton Foundation (Haiti Earthquake Relief) (the foundation gets an A from AIP, but this fund doesn't appear on its Haiti list; I don't know why). Americans: you can text "HAITI" to 20222 and $10 will be donated to relief efforts through the William J. Clinton Foundation, and charged to your cell phone bill. Canadians: the above mentioned Clinton Foundation is working in alliance with the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative (Canada), so you too can text the word "HAITI" to 20222 to donate $5, charged to your mobile phone bill. 100% will be directed to Haiti relief efforts. Note: No Canadian Charity receipt will be issued.

Finally, it's too new to be rated by AIP, but for those of you who want to support a bi-partisan, Haiti-targeted effort, check out the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund (Haiti Fund). President Clinton is the U.S. Special Envoy to Haiti. President Obama asked him and President George W. Bush to work together on this relief effort, and I believe this is a safe place to send your funds. If those two can work together, miracles can happen -- boy, we need a miracle, so please open your wallets to match your open hearts. Peace.

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