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College Bar: back in the present, Barney meets up with the guys, just as Ted's saying it will be great to finally meet Jenkins after all those stories. Barney says there's about to be one more story. "I'm going to bang Jenkins." Well, he doesn't just say that, he goes on and on, finishing that he's going to wear Jenkins like a sock. A sock? Really? Huh. At any rate, Barney's intention to have sex with Imaginary Edward Flores-looking Jenkins confuses poor Ted, who seems to be signing that there would be two penises involved, and he can't make it compute. Not that there's anything wrong with that (thanks, Seinfeld); after all, our very own lovely and talented Neil Patrick Harris, who is directing this episode, was just named "Gay Man of the Decade" by It's just that Barney always prefers to be the only prick in the room. Ted's confusion resolves itself when Amanda Peet peeks over Marshall's shoulder. Marshall looks like the cat who swallowed the canary. "Ted, this is Jenkins."

Theme Song!

Hi Amanda Peet! I know you're a famous actress, so in case you didn't get a chance to read the recaplet, I'll repeat myself: thank you for taking this opportunity to rinse the last bit of Sorkin's 60 Issues On The Sunset Strip aftertaste right out of my mouth. But um... those of you who did read the recaplet are free to DRINK!

Over at the Skee Ball machine, Ted confesses that he thought Jenkins was a guy. Marshall's all, WHAT? WHY? Ted explains: "Oh, I don't know. Maybe the whole 'Jenkins peed out the window of a cab' story." Marshall deadpans: "Yeah. Much more impressive now, isn't it?" Ted and I say, "Yeah!" Marshall goes back to his Skee Ball game, but then turns to face Ted and declares he'll come clean. He explains how he met Jenkins, who he found out was a huge Vikings fan from Pelican Rapids (just like Marshall's grandpa, only she's not dead and haunting a barn in the Minnesota countryside). Ted threatens to take Marshall outside for a beat-down if he's crushing on someone other than his wife. Marshall smiles, indulgently. "Come on. First of all, buddy, you can't handle The Fudge." (No, I swear.) He claims he thinks of Jenkins as a big brother -- with boobs (sort of like his actual big brother -- Marvin Jr.). Anyhow, when Marshall first told Lily about the fabulously funny Jenkins, Lily assumed Jenkins was a man, and, rather than correct her, Marshall just made sure all his subsequent Jenkins anecdotes were pronoun-free. Because, as the flashbacks show us, the cherry guzzling, suggestive dancing, topless stories come across oh-so-differently with Ms. Peet in the role, so coming clean is complicated. Ted sees how that might be a problem, so Marshall makes it clear that Lily can't find out. Just then, Robin joins them at the college bar, and asks what, exactly Lily can't find out. Ted's lying skills are nothing to write home about, but they trump Marshall's, so he answers: "That... Marshall's going to buy her a horse." Okay folks, that's not my fault, but you should go ahead and DRINK!

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