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Ted's Classroom: He finishes up a lecture on modern architecture's brief flirtation with the V-frame house. If it weren't morning, I'd be reaching for a DRINK! Anyhow, Robin walks in, pretending she's there to return a pen to Ted, but it's her pen in the first place. Scottie stroked her ego at the college bar, and now the whole class has to suffer the consequences, I guess. By the way, I know it's just me, because everywhere I go online, I see evidence that it is just me, but I HATE Robin's trench coat. Hate it. It does nothing for her but give her huge hips she's never had -- not even when pregnant. Anyhow, Robin's really there to pimp her show and get a little validation. The students, led by Betty are happy to oblige. Once Robin leaves, Ted tells his class he can't believe they all watch her show. "It's like watching a well-lit aquarium, but it's not as well lit." Jealous Ted is fun Ted. The kids confess that they watch Robin's show because they're usually still out drinking when it airs, and her habit of saying "But um..." has made for a great drinking game. We cut to...

MacLaren's: Ted tells Barney about the But um... game. Barney explains the drinking game he had with -- by which he means "on" -- Robin. He'd pour peach schnapps in her navel. While she was sleeping. He seems surprised she didn't care for being woken up like that, and not too concerned when Ted reminds him they decided not to share intimate Robin-details. The conversation turns back to the But um... game and we cut to...

Ted's Apartment: Ted and Barney play But um... After the baker's dozen or so but ums that we see, drunk Ted is wearing his tie on his head and sliding off the couch and onto the floor. Barney must be even drunker still. He's got his suit jacket off, his tie is loose, and his top shirt buttons are undone! Okay, DRINK!

DOWISETREPLA: What the hell did Marshall do to his hair? It hasn't been like that all episode, has it? Am I getting so Marshall-partial that I'm starting to block these things out? I'm sorry, but really, look at that mess. Lily's hair isn't the smoothest, either. Let's pretend they just played the bagpipes. Anyhow, Marshall's reading the newspaper and acts like there's an article in it about romantic reachers and settlers. When Lily wants to see it, he has to lie that he saw it in another paper, and this paper just reminded him of it on account of being a paper. Put that drink down; that was cute. Anyhow, he asks Lily who is the reacher and who is the settler in their marriage. Lily says neither. Marshall starts proposing all these scenarios in which she'd have to answer the question (gun to her head; gun to his head, their future kids' heads, and the head of their future cat or monkey, depending on who wins their three-years-running game of Risk), but she keeps maintaining that neither of them is the reacher.

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